Xbox One X hard drive space issues? From Microsoft recommend thinking of an external disk

We are all attracted to the idea of exploiting the graphics with 4K resolution and HDR support that for some games promises the Xbox One X. This improvement in the image, however, entails a consideration and is that the installation of the respective patch that launches is required the developer of the game.

In this sense comes a further concern regarding the storage capacity of the console and is that although the size of the patches will not be exaggerated, if they occupy a space greater than conventional updates. A very valuable space on the hard drive that will be subtracted to install games and that has led Albert Penello, marketing director of Xbox, to recommend users of the Xbox One X to be made with external hard drive.

The problem of space is there despite the fact that the console has a 1 TB internal hard drive. A capacity that could “fly” in the event that developers released patches to make the games work with a supposed 4K resolution or that included different graphics improvements.

Thus, in an interview for Game Informer, Albert Penello wanted to reassure the owners of the new console ensuring that they work to prevent the size of the patches from posing a problem :

“We know that 4K patches are big, with an average size that is one third more than what is required to play in 1080p, we are working to help console downloads and in the same way create a series of tools to developers that allow dividing the delivery of those patches, especially packages of language or content of that type, that generally result in a big download “.

Some statements that however were overshadowed by the fact that Penello himself then made a recommendation to the users, to have an external hard drive and this despite noticing just before, that they were working on solving the problem of the size of the downloads:

“I want to point out how advisable it is to use an external hard drive, even though the storage units could be changed on the Xbox 360, there are people who do not want to open their consoles, so it is best to have an external hard drive, easy to find in the market, as is the case of a 4 TB model that I have seen for $ 110, in which to store content. “

It is clear with these statements that although space is not a problem right now, it is a matter of time before updates in the form of patches, downloads of digital games and DLC, all with support to play in 4K UHD, end up devouring the storage capacity of an Xbox One X that may have been too short. It will not take us in that case to see a model with a larger hard drive.