Xbox One will allow you to adjust the refresh rate to 120Hz and create game groups

Microsoft has set out to squeeze what we can visually expect from games on Xbox One, and if the spring update allowed insiders to adjust the resolution of the One S and the One X to 1440p, starting in May they will be able to try an interesting novelty: set the refresh rate to 120Hz.

On paper, those who have monitors and televisions prepared for this frequency can choose between the usual 60Hz and a more grateful 120Hz both output resolutions of 1080p and 1440p, which is a more fluid experience while reducing the effect ghosting Which is not bad at all.

But it is not the only news confirmed for users who participate in the Xbox Preview program, next month will be implemented one of the most demanded news by those who are accumulating more games than we can cover: the groups.

In fact, it is a novelty especially simple and for some reason has not been since the beginning: we can bring games and apps to a new tab called Groups in which we can sort and classify them to taste, can put the name we want to each selection.

Something as simple as putting all the games completed in one group and all of the games in another. Although we can also have cooperatives and multiplayer (such as ‘Fortnite’, ‘Destiny 2’ or ‘Monster Hunter World’) on hand with our usual partners. Something essential, also, if we share a console but do not like the same games.

And speaking of sharing, the most recent update allowed us to post in RRSS such as Twitter captures and video clips, but now we take a step further: we can make small editions of the clips, so we will control the duration to go directly to the moment ago (or the pineapple) that we want to immortalize.

Among the rest of confirmed news, we find new parental options with which to measure or mark patterns of how much time the youngest members of the console house use or to detail to what type of content they have access, being able to take the management via the web. In addition, the Xbox accessory application and interface controls are being readjusted to make them more intuitive.

All these developments will begin to be available gradually from May between different levels of Insiders for testing to be perfectly integrated into the next big update of the console. Small big steps to make the user experience as good as possible.

Alin Pogan
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