My Workspace Office 365: a new Microsoft toolbar for Mac where to have it all

My Workspace Office 365

If you usually work with Microsoft services on your Mac, you are in luck, because they have just launched a new tool called My Workspace Office 365 to centralize everything in one place and you can from accepting the invitation to an event in the calendar to join to a group conversation on Skype.

Its operation is very simple to understand. We log in with our Office 365 account and automatically sync all of our actions and activities into a kind of notification feed with which to interact.

The tool is customizable, so you can sort the priority of notifications and disable what you do not care about.

Deep integration with Microsoft applications and services makes it easy to manage tasks from one place on the Mac toolbar.

In addition to calendar events and Skype calls we also find recent OneDrive files to open directly. My Workspace also shows us, for example, links to share and collaborate on Office 365 documents.

Of course, the application can also be used to launch Office 365 applications such as Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Finally, we can manage our Office 365 account from here

Will this make more users opt for the suite and Microsoft services on a Mac? While it is true that these are professional tools and great quality, most users do not need so much.

And for those who need to manage documents or power that the Office 365 suite usually does, they have similar apps and tools on the macOS platform.

The new tool is completely free and has been developed by the team of Microsoft experimental projects: Microsoft Garage. You can now download My Workspace Office 365 and start using it.