Will we see a Surface Phone soon? Microsoft’s Ralf Groene leaves a door open to hope

surface phone

surface phone

When we talk about mobile phones with the Microsoft seal one of the rumors that have been accompanying us for a long time (maybe too much) is the one that refers to a possible Surface Phone.

A terminal with which to try to recover the already dead platform or who knows, as a standard bearer of a new range of devices whose existence does not end up being clear.

And is that in part, the alleged existence of such a model has been based on the answers from Microsoft, in the mouth of their representatives have given the questions of journalists. I could, who knows, maybe … answers that leave everything in the air and that are now repeated in the words of Ralf Groene, director of the Industrial Design team of devices and the Surface line.

Groene has responded in an interview to the companions of The Verge in which he answers the question about the existence of a possible Surface Phone. A question to which Groene responded with an evasive and at the same time full of mystery: “Who knows?”.

In the video of the interview, whose part related to a possible Surface Phone revolves around the minute 4:10, Groene tells what we have heard on other occasions about what are Microsoft’s plans for the near future by launching devices that they manage to improve the connectivity of people in the digital world and that they are also easy to use.

On a personal level and without more basis than the statements and the impressions we all read, I think it is clear that a Surface Phone will reach the market although it is almost certainly not under Windows 10 Mobile or any variant of Windows Phone.

Microsoft will bet on a new device that will fight to conquer the market and can not do it hand in hand with an obsolete operating system such as Windows 10 Mobile.

You must make a strong bet and that requires reinventing current mobile operating systems and much more that of Microsoft.

// The Verge