Facebook and Paypal are allied to not stay out in the boom of payments between users via applications

This is the case for messaging apps, with Messaging on Apple or WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on the cross-platform market.

WhatsApp for iOS is updated and now allows you to set favorite conversations at the top

WhatsApp now allows us to send any type of file, so we just have to use the 'send documents' section

Facebook Messenger

We know that you like the messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, with their calls "free" and their stickers.

WhatsApp BETA

WhatsApp 2.16.369 is currently the latest BETA version for Android OS and it can now be installed on your smartphone.

whatsapp for iOS

WhatsApp for iOS just bought a hefty update, enabling customers to ship and obtain GIFs.

google allo

As a reward, Google has declared a few SMS capacities, in that they are permitting you message individuals over SMS ...


WhatsApp beta has gotten an overhaul to 2.16.272 that gives clients a chance to label individuals in gathering visits.

The organization just discharged rendition of Hangouts 11, it's joined over-the-top and SMS customer for Android.

There're more than one billion monthly active WhatsApp users and now all of them will be able to access it ...

Hot off the heels of Apple’s recent legal tangle with the FBI, WhatsApp isn’t waiting around until the government comes ...

Google realizes that Facebook Messenger has, currently, on the chapter “rivals in online chat applications”. As can gain nonetheless some ...

In the hours after application messaging Whatsapp was blocked in Brazil, following a court ruling in Sao Paulo, co-founder and ...