Do you use Windows 10 S and are not you happy? You can make the jump to Windows 10 Home without having to go through the box

Windows 10 S

 Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S, the last bet of Microsoft. The umpteenth twist of Windows but is not getting the expected result by the American company.

What’s more, he’s receiving the adoption that many of us expected when having such important limitations as the ones he offers.

Not being able to install external applications from the Microsoft Store is too important a handicap. A truism that can not be hidden or under the umbrella of the security with which from Redmond defended their launch together, although not in an indissoluble way, the Surface Laptop.

Born to compete with Google Chrome OS and stand up in the education sector Windows 10 S has turned out to be a failure.

We saw this when we announced that from Microsoft they work in a “secure” version called “Windows 10 S Mode.”

A way to prevent the use of Win32 applications in Windows 10 by the user

It was the second step that showed that Windows 10 S is not exactly a success after a first that allowed going through 49 dollars of Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro.

This can also be verified by seeing that the sales of the Surface Laptop are residual, very far from the Surface Pro 2017 or the Surface Pro 4.

A lack of presence in the market that has caused Microsoft to take a new direction with a decision that many users will surely adopt. Owners of a Windows 10 S computer can upgrade for free to Windows 10 Home.

A change that eye, will not have neither cost nor limit in time, so those who surely can feel “cheated” are those who paid $49 to get rid of Windows 10 S and move to Pro.

The new “Windows 10 S Mode” is the future to have a Windows 10 safer but without the limitations of Windows 10 S.

A new way that can come with Spring Creators Update and thus begin to prepare the way for Polaris, the adaptable version of the Microsoft operating system from which little by little we are seeing brushstrokes in the form of small modifications in Windows 10.

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