Titanfall 2: New online playable mode starting today

As of today, a new game mode is available in Titanfall 2, in which six pilots face each other. Until the beginning of next week, the game also donates double XP.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 has not only a fantastic singleplayer but also in all respects in the multiplayer convince. The latter gets a fresh wind today with the new 6v6 pilot mode.

The Live Fire mode appears, including two special maps. The update also includes a new map for the Coliseum, improved matchmaking, a new execution and various bug fixes.

Furthermore, Electronic Arts with the Featured Playlist brings to the fore each week selected game modes, which for this period double experience.

This should provide for even more variety in the multiplayer games.

Until February 27th, Titanfall 2 also offers double XP for all players. Even if LiveFire is not your mode, it is worth visiting the servers.

Titanfall 2

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