This video shows you what Tesla autopilot can do

The products have best necessarily need ads, and Tesla seemed to be guided by this principle seriously until now.

However, the company has recently made public a video that if you get on TV, it would be the first attempt this time to promote electric cars parent.

The video focuses on the autopilot function, which automates pretty much driving. As I wrote recently, Tesla Motors has created a software update for the Model S, aimed in particular this function. Among other things, allows you to “summon” drive and practically can park alone.

Using standard hardware from any built Model S since October 2014, including cameras and sensors on the fenders, the car will park alone or will come to your request, even if the garage door is located is closed. Model S can therefore only open the garage door, and this is possible only if you have a device connected to that door by HomeLink.

Update v7.1 software allows you to condition the autopilot so that the vehicle can overcome only five mps speed limit. In addition, the update implies that you can determine what types of vehicles you around the street like you and fits better in traffic.

Elon Musk promises that it will launch a fully autonomous car in about two years, and all indications suggest that we are very close to getting there.