Star Wars: Battlefront II shows an important cinematic sequence of its story mode in a new video

The single-player campaign of Star Wars: Battlefront II is one of its most important novelties, although to this day it is not that we know too many details about what we will find in this new story that will be settled between the episodes VI and VII of the main saga.

However, thanks to the official channel of PlayStation, have revealed some interesting curiosities by means of a kinematics that has published corresponding to this mode of play and in which we can see three characters that stand out above the others: Iden Versio , our protagonist; Garrick Versio, his father; and one of the fearsome Messengers .

The latter will surprise more than one to see his face since it is the Emperor, but calm, who has not returned from the dead, although it almost seems.

These droids were conscientiously constructed by Palpatine to carry out his will in the event that he would eventually die, either by promulgating his message throughout the galaxy or by violent action if necessary.

Apparently, these droids will play a significant role in the plot, as well makes clear this impressive cinematic sequence that makes us want even more to make us with this sequel on November 17.

So, without further delay, we invite you to watch the video that accompanies the news.