Sony will focus on the mid-range and high-end, leaving aside the Xperia X

Sony, while not going through its best moments, is not in a situation as critical as, say, HTC, but also must choose carefully the movements it makes in the market.

One of them was the inauguration of the Xperia X family, which would replace the Z, although the change has not gone much beyond the name.

The Xperia X and X Compact were two of the first in the family to appear last year and sought to cover the midrange ‘premium’ at a relatively reasonable price.

However, it seems that this measure was not very well received by the general public, which is why the Japanese manufacturer is planning to stop selling these two models.

As they say in Xperia Blog, the fact that they were not the flagship that the users asked for has made these two models were received with some apathy.

Now, they say, in Japan, the opposite is the case, since there are just the models that are most sold from the manufacturer, namely 85%, while internationally it remains at a pírrico 31%.

From now on they would focus only on flagships and the mid-range

Sony, for quite a while, has been quite chaotic in terms of the different phone families it has had, even when it has started ordering more than one it was a mess.

With the arrival of the Xperia X family, the Japanese manufacturer took a step forward and ordered the phone ranges a little more, but the average user still did not clarify well.

Between the inauguration of some families and the disappearance of others, many people have complained that the Sony catalog was not clear, not even with the reform of last year, where the Xperia X range would encompass both the mid-range, Medium-high and high. With this step, all they got was that people confused terminals that had names too similar.

Sony would be looking to put more order in its catalog of phones focusing on the Xperia XZ and XA ranges

Now what Sony would pretend would be to get rid of the Xperia X and X Compact and, henceforward, focus only on the Xperia XZ (including its Premium version), Xperia XA and Xperia XA Ultra, ie only its highest and average range, Without any internal model between them.

In addition to this, Sony would be looking to regain lost market share last year by investing more in marketing and making their phones differ from others with technologies exclusive to the Japanese manufacturer.

Whether or not this new course will work is something we will know in a long time, but at the moment Sony should be less chaotic with the number of models it releases to avoid having to “kill” models from one day to the next.