Facebook and Paypal are allied to not stay out in the boom of payments between users via applications

This is the case for messaging apps, with Messaging on Apple or WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on the cross-platform market.


We have already witnessed the emergence of various voice assistants competing with Google Assistant such as Bixby or Amazon Alexa.

Phone 7 and 17.4 million the iPhone 7 Plus.

Of those 353.3 million, a total of 21.5 million were the iPhone 7 and 17.4 million the iPhone 7 Plus.


As for Bixby, Samsung announced that it was not yet complete and that, in addition, a number of languages

Huawei P10

Supposedly, each Huawei P10 contains different components. Is that correct? Huawei has now replied. A few days ago rumors circulated ...


I'm not a man who wears watches, and I've never been optimistic about this market.

Galaxy Note 8

We are a few days away from the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 - perfect time so for rumors ...

Galaxy S8 Plus

Weeks before the official presentation, the technical data, and features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus were unveiled.

Galaxy Tab S3

Galaxy Tab S3 may be the main premium-composed tablet from Samsung that is likewise proposed to give clients a close ...

Apple is ahead of Samsung

Apple surpassed Samsung in the 4th quarter of 2016 and was ranked the largest worldwide supplier of top smartphones

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Electronics Co. Mentioned about 85 percent of its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the U.S. Were replaced

Galaxy C9 Pro

The Galaxy C9 Pro has 64GB of storage, a microSD card slot with support for up to 256GB of removable ...


Samsung these days introduced that it has commenced the mass manufacturing of 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM

Note 7

Samsung officially multiplied the Galaxy note 7 don't forget this morning, with the CPSC.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung says it is stopping the production of its Galaxy note 7 smartphones.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung's Intention to Beat iPhone 7 With the Hasty Release of Galaxy Note 7 Can Be a Primary Factor of ...

Motorola phones

Microsoft and Lenovo as of late reported a consent to preload Microsoft applications on Lenovo and Motorola Android gadgets.

Samsung Launched a Bunch of Products

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is formally here and accessible at transporters and retailers over the US (and the globe).

Apple Watch 2 Is Coming Without Cellular Connectivity

This is on the grounds that Apple Watch 2 is additionally said to utilize a One Glass Solution rather than ...

Gear S3

The South Korean maker is taking off welcomes to an occasion on August 31 at IFA where it will dispatch ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As indicated by reports out of Korea, pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 are insanely great. So great truth be ...

Galaxy Note 7

Beam Soneira, the president of DisplayMate, frequently runs the definite tests on the top lead phones. He stacks acclaim on ...