Samsung under pressure: 2018 threatening heavy losses

Samsung under pressure: 2018 threatening heavy losses

Bad news for Samsung: Industry insiders believe the company will lose shares in the smartphone market next year. From two sides, the manufacturer is taken in the shortage.

Double competition: That’s behind the losses

From two sides, the pressure on Samsung is growing: In the premium class, Apple makes the South Koreans next year powerful competition, industry experts. Perhaps even more importantly, the market for cheap smartphones is increasingly grazed by manufacturers from China, such as Huawei’s subsidiary brand Honor.

An example of this trend is the Honor 7X, which combines outstanding technology for a low price and already made a good impression in the full review.

Samsung’s smartphone market share is therefore expected to fall below 20 percent in the coming year. In 2017, the share was 20.5 percent – with 319 million smartphones sold. Strategy Analytics analysts expect 315 million devices sold in 2018, writes the Korea Herald. This should give Samsung a market share of 19.2 percent.

With the Galaxy S9, Samsung could recover Apple shares:

Smartphone Market 2018: These manufacturers are expected to grow

Apple, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi will hold their shares in the smartphone market in 2018 or even expand, the analysts believe. Huawei’s market share is expected to rise to 10 percent already this year. Oppo and Xiaomi should each come to over 7 percent.

Even Apple should gain minimal shares: With 234 million iPhones sold, the manufacturer would have a share of 14.3 percent – 0.3 percent more than this year.

In order to lose no further shares, Samsung must find however particularly on the cheap smartphones from China an answer, it is said in the report. First of all, the South Koreans want to present a new flagship – the date for the presentation of the Galaxy S9 is almost certain.