Can the Samsung Galaxy S8 regain people’s trust?

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has just been introduced, and after most specs have already been announced, still the biggest question is: Is Samsung able to regain people’s trust after the Note 7 disaster?

Samsung Galaxy S8
There is no doubt that Samsung is among the best smartphone manufacturers, but everyone who likes to fly is likely to be reminded of every battery on the flight, which has been heard in the news last year.

On the Samsung Galaxy S8 is, therefore, a great expectation pressure, because it is the first flagship smartphone that Samsung has released since the recalled Note 7 and the big question is: Is the Galaxy S8 sufficient to regain the trust of the people?

We can testify to Samsung for its launch event good work on the message, which one wanted to bring over. ” Re- imagining the smartphone”, ” Re- imagining the way you used it”, and ” Redesigning it from the ground up”.

In this way, Samsung wants us to signal that you have left the old one behind you and has achieved a new, higher level of innovation by rejuvenating yourself and your brand.

After an hour when these “Re” words swarmed, I thought this “Re” -flash wisely said “Re”, but the most important thing: I bought Samsung this message and yes – my trust In the name Samsung is absolutely restored.

Personally, I would not have expected Samsung to be so humble, what a hard year has been behind, and more than once it was mentioned during the launch event that the Koreans focused on quality, security, and warranty.

I find Samsung’s campaign very convincing, by linking the infinite possibilities of Virtual Reality with the general vision of the company.

Samsung has reinvented itself after a traumatic year and has breathed new life into the vision of being at the forefront with innovations. I admit, the unpacked event has packed me up and even really impressed.

In the meantime, I have come down a bit (I have to admit, the dreaming ostrich in the video has taken my fantasy quite a bit) and ask myself the question: Was that enough?

Has this perfect smartphone launch been able to regain the confidence of the people? In our perception, it looks so that Samsung has not just had bad luck, but also has been pretty much in terms of quality control.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus better than the S7?

The design of the smartphone is more symmetrical, which makes it better and more comfortable in the hand. In addition, the S8 has a new AI assistant named Bixby, a larger and better display and a smart, buttonless design. The camera is still first class and the battery is still the same size as the S7, so it was not herumexperimentiert.

If it was Samsung’s plan to make the best smartphone on the market even better, then they have probably reached their goal, but this is not the point.

The technician would be astonished by anyone who would not want to buy this first-rate smartphone. But that too is not the point; Samsung has to regain the confidence of the industry and as it looks, the plan is: to continue as normal.

Samsung shows self-assurance by sticking to its plan rock-solidly. And this is to equip the S8 with some new features, so everyone can see that Samsung is still a market leader.

I have expected a more conservative approach from Samsung, where the quality assurance and the control processes are checked. When we visited the production site of LG G6, we were shown for the first time the battery test laboratory.

Every manufacturer who is trying to increase its sales figures will use this lack of self-confidence on the part of Samsung. At the MWC, like the rest of the industry, we were convinced that this year’s flagship smartphones would put on more durable designs to become the perfect smartphone.

LG is the best example. They have looked at what customers want and have tried to create the best possible smartphone.

Samsung is known to incorporate too many features into their smartphones, just to prove that they are the most innovative manufacturer. Over the years, this development has slowed, but it is still observing.

I expected the Galaxy S8 to follow the example of other smartphones and focus on resilience and reliability, and although these two aspects were mentioned, the new features still stand out.

Alex Edwards
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