The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 filters on its first real images

Galaxy note 8

And less is missing for the presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It will be the 23 of August when we will know all the official details of the flagship of Samsung for the second half of the year.

To date and thanks to filterers like Evleaks we already have a pretty precise idea of what their design would look like, as we have very detailed press images and renders.

However now for the first time, real images of a Note 8 appear, we understand that a prototype is close to the final version because its design is identical to the filtering to date.

We look similar to the Galaxy S8 but more rectangular, with a very stylized body but also with a screen that occupies almost the entire front of the device.

The Galaxy Note 8 wants to forget the problems of the past and will bring us a 6.3-inch screen, 6GB RAM, dual camera, Bixby headphones and an enhanced S-pen with up to 4096 sensitivity levels and submersible.

In fact, this S-pen has also been filtered in these images of My everyday tech, which after filtering the images and placing the corresponding watermark, has deleted the entry where it showed the images.

In them, you can see the edge of Note 8 and its Edge screen. Also the functionality of Always On Display that follows exactly as to date. The volume and power / on buttons are still there.

Images that confirm the filtering of the Galaxy Note 8, a mobile that will surely be at the highest level. At the moment it is shown as a very long and narrow device, with a huge screen that will delight those who like the phablets.

Its price also seems high but that will be for later. What do you think the Galaxy Note 8 looks like?