Samsung Fixes the Galaxy Note 5 stylus problems

Koreans probably the only important problem repaired Samsung Galaxy Note 5 model.

As you may remember, in the event of launching the Samsung boasted a new spring mechanism which comes after a touch stylus. Later, however, it was discovered that if you put S-Pen stylus back and no tip, no matter how slowly, the phone will lock the spring mechanism.

As people write to Phonearena, Samsung would soon remedy the situation without making an announcement about this. The new versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 come with a detection system’s S-Pen stronger than before, which will not break as easily. You can see in the picture above the two fixture. The mechanism Newest shown on the left can move in both directions, so the S-Pen will not be blocked.

Even so, Phonearena mentions that you do not like to know exactly what version you buy without opening the phone, so it is still recommended not to enter the stylus wrong.