Samsung would be working on a Bixby speaker to compete with Amazon, Google, and Apple

2017 is being the year of artificial intelligence is something that will not catch anyone by surprise.

We have already witnessed the emergence of various voice assistants competing with Google Assistant such as Bixby or Amazon Alexa.

But instead of staying on mobile devices, both Google and Amazon have their own loudspeakers that have their attendees inside for us to use in our home.

In recent weeks, in addition, have appeared two other manufacturers that have joined this new fashion, on the one hand, we have Apple with his HomePod and on the other, we have Essential with his Essential Home.

But when it seems that the whole family was already happy together, we learned that in the near future there could be another member, and it is none other than Samsung.

Next to the Galaxy S8 Samsung introduced its new virtual assistant Bixby, who would come to compete with Google Assistant and Alexa, although it is still quite green (especially in terms of languages). Not conforming to that, the Korean manufacturer would be working on its own speaker with its assistant to compete with Google, Amazon, and Apple.

Samsung would be working on its own speaker with Bixby inside to compete with Amazon, Apple, and Google, but it is unknown what features it could have.

Of the characteristics that could have this new gadget nothing is known, although it is expected that, at least, offer the same as the competition in terms of functions (put a song, give you weather information, etc.), and probably not the speaker More economical of the existing options.

Harman Kardon, one of Samsung’s subsidiaries, is also working on its own smart speaker, which would come to light during the third quarter of this year, although this time will be for Microsoft, which will incorporate Cortana and thus add even more Options.

However, we will wait to see if Samsung is finally encouraged to pull out a loudspeaker with Bixby or finally will leave that project behind.