Runescape, the daddy of MMORPG games: what to know for new players

MMORPG is not amongst the oldest genres of gaming, but it definitely is one of the most perspectives along with having a lot of titles available for gamers worldwide. In this article, we will look at one of the most nostalgic, well-known and borderline legendary titles by the name of Runescape.

Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape

Today there are two versions available for players. Runescape 3 is the organic evolution of Runescape throughout the years and the most up-to-date version with nicer graphics, more skills to train, features to explore and items to mess around with. However, it has a smaller player-base than Old School Runescape which is inferior in the graphics, content departments. The game is a recycled version of the game, how it was circa 2007 so why is it so popular 10+ years later? Rolling Stone has an excellent article on this topic but for the most part its nostalgia. Most people that played the game back in 2007 saw the eventual demise of the concept they fell in love with and stopped playing. However, once it was brought back with OSRS, they came back also.

At some time it was the most popular online game

For a short period, Runescape was the most popular online game in the world. It hovered in the top 3 for years, but questionable updates and the attempt to follow titles like WoW with Evolution of Combat saw the slow disintegration of the player-base because they wanted to play Runescape and not something else. Now, even the more famous Old School version has just a fragment of the active players that it used to back in the day. No matter larger than life past successes, more humble Old School Runescape still manages to go strong today.

You can buy gold for quicker progress

Constant clicking has been one of the most recognizable features of Runescape was and will be forever. Clicking and repeating tasks is what makes your character progress in every single aspect of the game, it is safe to say that you will click the mouse at least a couple million times before maxing out. Don’t believe us? Okay, to reach 99 prayer you would need around 54,000 dragon bones (which are quite expensive and hard to get for low-level players but give out high XP). Each of them requires a click. You ready?

Luckily, the grind can be skipped because there is plenty of OSRS gold for sale online as well as RS3 money. Various reputable stores like Probemas have a decent rate for gold and will help you make less hassling clicks than the expected amount. Besides, you can avoid the most tedious tasks with money (just like in real life)…

You can earn real-life money from the game

Previously mentioned gold-trade can help you make some extra cash. Also, you can sell your account if you do not wish to play and/or sell items for money too. However, involve a middle-man or sell to services with some respectable reputation to not get ripped off or scammed.

Never give out your account’s information

The only thing sacred in Runescape is your username and password. Not even the game’s creators could ask you for it, so if any third-party service or unfamiliar people ask for it – run away as much as possible.

Email phishing also is prevalent, and you should know all about it ASAP. Scammers are very creative and full of surprises, so be aware.

Runescape is arguably the most responsible for popularising the word “noob.”

Yup, this is a fun fact to know. Even though the word “noob” was used by US troops in the Vietnam War, it reached pop-culture thanks partly to 4Chan and mostly Runescape. The more you know…

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