LG V30 could revolutionize the concept of secondary display

One of the main features of the LG V series is the presence of a dual display. Introduced initially on the V10 and then reinvented on the V20.

LG V30

It is expected that the next LG V30 will also feature this feature, though the recent render, emerged thanks to the reliable Evan Blass (@evleaks), show us a completely unpublished scenario, Both for LG and for the entire smartphone industry.

The following image, coming directly from Blass’s Twitter profile, shows us what appears to be the first leaked render of the upcoming South Korean range, which comes with a design that, while recalling the general G6 lines, introduces a new Vertical sliding mechanism.

The front view allows us to see the refurbished secondary display location, finally moved to the bottom, in an easier position to reach, while the back shows us the inevitable double camera and the open sliding mechanism, which seems to recall the Mythical Nokia 7650.

However, the biggest surprises come from subsequent rendering, which use the model shown above to propose new design concepts that LG could introduce on the LG V30.

Images show us that the sliding mechanism should hide a much larger secondary display than that used on all of the previous LG V generations, which can offer a large enough surface to accommodate a full touch keyboard, additional controls for Android applications, Links, widgets and more.

The potential of this second display is enormous and leaves open all possibilities, but being a unique feature, it will be up to LG to show the way for developers, who will have to believe in the success of this solution in order to allocate energy and resources to Support it best.

Obviously, as the rumor, it is unclear whether what is shown is currently underway for the launch of the fall or whether it is just one of the many possibilities evaluated by LG for the next V30.

Having proposed a conservative terminal but extremely reliable as the G6, is it possible for the South Korean manufacturer to preserve their cartridges in view of the autumn ‘s most unusual yet unusual display?

As usual, it will be time to give us the answer.