A reconditioned Galaxy Note 7 would cost half the price of the original

With the Galaxy Note 7 was to pass from the greatest of joys to the worst of pains in a matter of weeks after being released.

reconditioned Galaxy Note 7

A phone that had great hardware and an exquisite design that got the best of the scores when it was analyzed.

And Samsung, knowing this, has the idea to recondition the Galaxy Note 7 to be sold in South Korea, as we have known before. Today we know that the price, which has remained unknown, would be half of the original.

Entirely tempted a Galaxy Note 7 at a half price The Investor has been the medium that has published that the Galaxy Note 7R will cost half the price.

The previous speculation indicated an approximate cost of $ 620 when Note 7 released last year was around $ 870.

So the payout to the reconditioned terminal would be about $ 424, and thus would become one of the best bargains that we have seen in Android since the days of the first Nexus.

The big difference of the reconditioned Galaxy Note 7 with the original is in a battery of smaller capacity, to move from the 3,500mAh of the first to the 3.200mAh that would be put on sale in South Korea.

Anyway, this is a rumor and may finally Samsung is decided to increase the price of a terminal that will have the Galaxy Note 8 as its replacement.