Razer buy Nextbit, smartphone developer who runs out of space

Razer has the surprising decision to buy Nextbit company that built smartphone Robin promising to offer the advantage of not running out of free space that was using “Cloud” that the Internet to upload data and to store them when they were not accessed for a certain period of time.

Nextbit Robin

Ouya is a subsidiary Nextbit THX and Razer wants so the question remains what to do with all this expertise?

From rumors appeared on the Internet discussing diversification of products that Razer’s portfolio.

You and I know that at first stood by gaming peripherals praised by many professional gamers.

Mice, keyboards, headsets, these were products that have brought success. As you may have seen at CES Las Vegas this year Razer came with a laptop with three screens (two folding) so they like to try new things.

Nextbit does not know whether will provide further smartphone’s Robin or a new version.

I think that may be a portable console or want to address the idea of gaming in the Cloud, which involves playing games with top graphics on a handheld device that is only streaming images.

In the near future, the technology will allow that due to high Internet speeds and low response time between servers.

I have not heard from him after launch although America seemed an interesting option.

Nextbit failed due to a successful crowdfunding campaign that helped 3.611 people who were either donations or bought a smartphone Robin squeezing an amount of $ 1,362,343 of the $ 500,000 needed to bring the product to market.

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