PlayStation VR

These are the titles of the main VR games that we saw in 2017. Take note and grab the command.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a trend that is here to stay, believes Timm Lutter from the Bitkom branch of industry.

PlayStation VR 'headstand'

Enter Numskull, who has produced an officially-licensed stand for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset.

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star

The Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC will be released this September, while another extension for Battlefront is booked for ...

PlayStation VR

More than 30 Best Buy and GameStop areas in the US will have demo stations for PlayStation VR prepared to ...

Resident Evil 7

Where did the damnation that originates from? Capcom recently uncovered that Resident Evil 7 will be a full PS VR ...

E3 2016: Star Wars Battlefront VR

In March, Electronic Arts and Sony declared they were cooperating to make a variant of Star Wars Battlefront, for PlayStation ...

Xbox One

The strange thing is that Microsoft has even announced yet not "Xbox One VR".

Xbox One

With the Xbox One trailing Sony’s PS4 in the console race.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used to link the HoloLens headset to other devices and the field of view is apparently ...