This would be the size of the Pixel XL 2 in front of the first model, according to leaks

Google introduced last year the first two smartphones of the post-Nexus era, the Pixel and Pixel XL, whose design was a very important change compared to the previous family.

Perhaps the only thing that shocked the audience was these somewhat disproportionate upper and lower frames, making them too big for the screen size they had.

However, with the arrival of smartphones whose front is almost all screen, Google could take a step in that direction to satisfy those users who like mobile phones with reduced frames.

During these weeks have appeared several renders of what could be the Pixel XL of this year, and now it is compared its possible size with the one that has the previous generation.

According to several rumors, the Pixel XL of 2017 (or Pixel XL 2, depends on who named it) would have a screen of 6 inches, a size significantly larger than its predecessor. However, despite having a larger half-inch panel, if the render were true, it would have a size very similar to last year’s Pixel XL.

At the moment only know that the Pixel XL this year will have the latest Snapdragon chip and rumors suggest that it would have between 4 and 6 GB of RAM.

The screen would have QHD resolution, the aforementioned 6 inches and an 18: 9 ratio, just like the LG G6.

Since there is no definitive design of the phone, it is best to take all this information with tweezers. What do you expect from Pixel XL this year?

Chriss Stephens
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