Ollie from Sphero is a “little robot” more fun than BB8

The Sphero may have heard recently, with BB8 toy inspired by the robot from Star Wars. However, the first toy BB was not connected to them.

Ollie is a remote controlled robot with greater potential and fun. It smartphone via Bluetooth and laws to control it through a few taps on the screen.

Although it does not look as futuristic as BB8, Ollie has a few tricks in the proverbial sleeve. Once you have turned the phone horizontally, you can start doing, well … tricks with him. Sphero spins and bounces breakneck speed. Speaking of speed, it is able to reach even at 22 kilometers per hour and you do not have to sit with worry because it has a shock-resistant coating.

The application is simple to use and guides you through a small tutorial that you can access when you need it, and a micro USB charging port gives you an hour of fun.

It is also splash proof, so I removed a ride on out to see how they are doing in the snow and asphalt. Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to control the robot so that, at least until you get used to recommending lowering speed. This is the application where you can change the colors of the LEDs.

Ollie is certainly an interesting toy and will not stress as much as fragile BB8. However, at a price of 600 lei (available on PC Garage) you have to be sure that you get bored of it quickly.