Project Fuchsia (also called Fuchsia OS or Google Fuchsia) was discovered when Google started publishing code in its GitHub repository.

Only 0.2% of devices are upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo as revealed by the new version distribution that Google has ...

Pixel XL

Both the Pixel and the Pixel XL were launched in October 2016.

Android 7.1.2

Android 7.1.2 has been officially released and deployment has begun for Nexus and Pixel devices.


In case you've been wondering how the Pixel phones will examine the Nexus line when it comes to updates and ...

Google Pixel

Google is required to present a 5-inch cell phone called the Pixel and a 5.5-inch phone called the Pixel XL.

Nexus Devices

WiFi Assistant, a component once select to Project Fi clients, will soon be accessible for all Nexus proprietors in the ...

Nexus Huawei flagship

Despite the fact that current Nexus handsets like the 6P and 5X will even now most likely be the first ...

It's called Nexus. So what might take the producer association out of the condition really offer assistance?

The Nexus 6P and 5X will keep on getting upgraded until September 2017, which is the point at which we ...

The update guarantee for Nexus devices is known in the current form since the middle of last year.

It’s conceivable that Huawei’s Munilall is discussing an overhauled adaptation of the Nexus 6P

One of the most attractive features of Android N, automatic updates without user interaction will not be available on Nexus ...