Facebook 360: The Social Network in Virtual Reality

Facebook 360 is the name of the app of the social network, which is to make the timeline and the newsfeed in 360 degrees.

Facebook 360

The VR market is slowly picking up and after the purchase of Oculus Rift, Facebook is now making its social network to its version of the Cyberspace from William Gibson’s book Neuromancer.

Or to the Matrix, for those who have not read the classic (and please make-up). Facebook has now followed its announcement from last year’s deeds and presented the App Facebook 360.

This is initially only available for Samsung’s Gear VR in the Oculus app or via the website and offers exactly what you probably already suspect: 360 degrees content on Facebook.

At the launch, the app has four categories:

  • Explore: Here you can see 360-degree content from media companies, companies, and videographers. Quasi a selection of pictures and videos of Facebook’s paying advertisers, mixed with entertaining videos with or without added value. Like the “home” or “trending” category on YouTube, probably with more monetarization for Facebook’s VR platform.
  • Following: This is the 360-degree content of your friends, pages, and people you follow. Thanks to the numerous 360-degree cameras, this category is likely to fill in the next few years and will probably be the most important business segment. If here is not enough personal content of my friends and acquaintances, it will have a hard time for Facebook 360.
  • Saved: Here you can see all the stored content, which you have marked in the newsfeed. Quasi a bookmark function for 360-degree content.
  • Timeline: Your own 360-degree videos and pictures, in the way your profile page now also works.
According to Facebook, there are currently more than 25 million photos and a million videos on the platform, making Facebook one of the largest VR providers for non-animated content.

Besides YouTubes Virtual Reality-Channel as well as Vimeo 360. The photo- and Video editing can be provided with Facebook 360 of course liked and with Reactions, further features are coming soon.

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