ZTE brings an Force Touch Android phone in US

ZTE is releasing the higher end version of this year’s Axon 7 phone today, marking the first time an Android phone with a pressure-sensitive screen has been released in the US.

ZTE introduced two versions of its Axon 7 earlier this year: one 64GB model with 4GB of RAM and one with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM.

The former model costs $399.98 and started shipping in July.

Here are the other spec details:

  • 5.5-inch AMOLED display
  • Android Marshmallow
  • 20-megapixel rear-facing camera
  • 8-megapixel front-facing camera
  • 3,250mAh battery
  • USB-C charging

The phone includes pressure sensitivity for the first time in the US.

Other Android phone makers, like Huawei, have introduced pressure-sensitive displays, although not in the US.

We thought Android N would possibly ship with support for something akin to Apple’s Force and 3D Touch, but the new OS ended up being released without it.