The Xiaomi Mi Max debuts USB-C port and keeps the minijack in new leaked images

Back in May of last year, we met the largest phablet until then of Xiaomi, the Mi Max, which had a screen diagonal of 6.44 inches.

Xiaomi Mi Max
It was a mid-high-end smartphone for lovers of large panels and equipped with a Snapdragon 650 and another version with the 652.

This year it seems that we will see his successor whom we will probably know as Xiaomi Mi Max 2 and repeat the screen size and FullHD resolution. It is also speculated that it would be presented on April 19, next to the Xiaomi Mi 6, and whose characteristics would be similar to its previous generation.

Some of the specifications of this mastodon have been filtered in which, in addition to screen size and resolution (6.44 inches FullHD), it has been filtered that it would use the Snapdragon 626, although it is not ruled out that, like its predecessor, there may be A version with another Qualcomm processor (perhaps the Snapdragon 625), or even see a MediaTek chip. It would also bring Android 7.1.1 and a larger battery of 5,000 mAh.

Xiaomi Mi Max

The possible rendering design of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2

However, in Weibo some images were filtered in the form of render of what could be the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 and, as you can see, retains much of the identity of its predecessor.

The terminal, by the way, is shown with a TPU case, as you will see in the photos that we have distributed by the post.

The rear has undergone a small redesign that consists of an exchange of positions between the camera and the flash, two contours, one that surrounds them and another that is the fingerprint sensor.

In addition, we can see how now the back is a single piece and the plastic band is located on the edge, similar to the latest iPhone.

If we go to the edges, we see that the upper one shows a mini-jack of 3.5 mm, a microphone of cancellation and an infrared sensor to make roguery with the television.

As for the bottom edge, we have the USB-C surrounded by two other slots, one that would make the speaker and the other of the microphone, although we can not rule out that they may be stereo speakers.

Xiaomi Mi Max

In a couple of days, we will know, in the case of appearing next to the Mi 6, if the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 fits with the images that have leaked in the Chinese social network Weibo.