Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch

The innovation world has made considerable progress in the most recent 20 years, to such an extent that the smartwatches we strap to our wrists today pack in more handling force than the massive desktops of the mid-1990s.

An Apple Watch hack by Tendigi CTO Nick Lee exhibits this splendidly: the designer has figured out how to get Microsoft’s great Windows 95 working framework up and running on Apple’s most recent .

It’s not too simple – Lee needed to basically transform the Windows 95 code into a Watch application so it would run appropriately – yet he’s presented joins on the code you require on the off chance that you need to give this a go yourself. Simply put aside a lot of time: it takes an hour to boot up.

When it gets up and running, it’s completely intuitive, and you can remember some of that 90s Windows goodness, but on a much littler screen. It’s not the first run through Lee has pulled a trap like this either: a year ago he got Mac OS 7.5.5 running on the Apple Watch as well.