Attentive, Spotify already prepares its first musical device “totally connected”

An iPod manufactured by Spotify? Well, the truth would not be bad. The world’s leading music streaming company has just released clues about what the future holds, which tell us about ambitious plans to launch its first device.

A wearable created entirely by Spotify

The above was discovered thanks to some work announcements where Spotify is looking for people who specialize in hardware development and interaction with voice software.

From one of these new vacancies we can highlight what is mentioned in the description: “(…) build a new category of product that defines the market, as Pebble, Amazon Echo and Spectacles of Snapchat did at the time.”

A wearable created entirely by Spotify

As we all know, Spotify has dedicated itself entirely to software development, mounting a platform that served as a reference for a model that today is one of the most used, which is based on monthly subscription in exchange for unlimited content.

Well, now the company seems to be looking to make the leap to hardware, which would be a pleasant surprise when looking to stop depending on third-party platforms.

When viewing the job alerts, we understand that it is something new and will start from scratch, where there is still nothing defined since one of the posts specifies that “will help define the requirements of the product.”

Likewise, it is mentioned that said product “will change the way the world experiences music”.

For some years Spotify has tried to enter different product categories, but this, in the end, has not worked. For example, we have the case of Pebble Core, which aimed to become the first wearable with capabilities to listen to streaming music thanks to its 3G connection, a device where Spotify, Pebble, and Amazon collaborated, since it also had Alexa, but as We know, Fitbit bought Pebble and that meant the death of the promising Pebble Core.

On the other hand is ‘Mighty’, a device that was sold as the first ‘iPod for Spotify’, which was part of a successful financing campaign on Kickstarter and that after some delays promise to deliver the devices in the coming weeks.

In ‘Mighty’ was also collaborating part of the development team of Spotify, so it is seen that there is a desire to participate in the creation of hardware.

The jobs are for Spotify’s headquarters in Stockholm, where in addition to the hardware specialist is looking for someone who works with the “voice team”, and a product manager who will work on the construction of “the As we see, there is still nothing definite and it is seen that this is just beginning, but what is a fact is that in the not too distant future we will have the first device developed and manufactured by Spotify .