SkinTrack: Revolutionary technology transforms the forearm into a touchscreen

All smartwatches have a common problem: The display is so small that watches can be used difficult or relatively cumbersome. An input on the display is not to be thought only and since the speech recognition to be desired in many cases leaves something, must be found an alternative. This is called SkinTrack and transforms the entire lower arm into a touchscreen.

But to use the display as an input method for SmartWatches barely works. The know the manufacturer of the equipment and even Google itself. Thus, the gesture control, for example, has been retrofitted to switch between Google Now cards shortly after the release of .

Apple has tried it at the Apple Watch using the digital crown simplify while Samsung has a rotating bezel used for example in the Gear S2 to enter.

Although all these alternative input methods go already in the right direction, a really satisfactory result they do not provide but still. Now the Carnegie Mellon University has dealt with the issue and developed a supposed solution.

The arm as touchscreen extension

How does it work? The SmartWatch is equipped with additional sensors that turn the forearm in a huge touchscreen. On forefinger of the other arm, a ring is worn, an electrical signal sends in contact with the skin through the forearm, where the watch is attached. This signal simplified terms, the SmartWatch can determine the position of the finger on the arm and play in the connector on the display.

In this way, can interact with the smart watch – without that you have to actually tap on display, thereby obscuring the screen almost completely. The above video illustrates how the technique works. With this new technology, of course, do to significantly more opportunities. So all the letters on the arm, for example, be written, so as to start a specific app.

SkinTrack makes a very mature impression

The technology is really promising because it already works very well for one and secondly also reacts, you should wear a sweater or other garments. When and if the technology pushes the boundaries of the consumer sector, but is not yet known.

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