Shure Announces Lightning adapter for in-ear headphones

For the in-ear headphones, the SE series Shure has announced a convenient solution for the owners of an iPhone 7 at CES.

Instead of the catch, there is now a Lightning connector and integrated DAC.

The elimination of the traditional pin terminal in iPhone 7 has meant that peripheral manufacturers must adapt their accessories.

Now the audio specialist Shure moves to and presented at CES in Las Vegas new equipment for the SE headphones already known.

The new adapter cable has instead of the jack is now a Lightning connector and can thus without a dongle on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus be used.

For the conversion of the digital audio signals, Shure has its own DAC (Digital-to-Analog converter) integrated into the cable.

At a microphone and a remote control in the form of the usual three buttons to control playback and volume Shure has designed course.

The ” Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable ” (RMCE LTG) is compatible with the available for some time in-ear headphones, the SE series. Specifically, these are the SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535, and SE846.

The two earphones can be thanks to the MMCX connector easily separated from the old cable and connected to the new adapter cable.

The cable is not only with the iPhone 7 but also with other iPhone, iPad and iPod models that have a Lightning port, compatible.

Shure Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable is in spring 2017 will be available at a price of around 100 US dollars.