Gear IconX – true wireless headsets come from Samsung

There were numerous attempts to achieve the first truly wireless headset, but IconX Gear, Samsung might have found the perfect recipe.

The idea of in-ear Bluetooth headphones without wires between them is by no means new, but the Samsung had a large enough budget combined with a team of skilled engineers to perfect the recipe.

Gear IconX is the result of sustained effort and we can say that it looks surprisingly good, and when it comes to the amount of functionality hidden inside, it’s hard not to get excited.

This fall, for the price of $199, you can purchase a pair of headphones Gear IconX. These will be manufactured by Samsung and have the ability not only to play music without wires but also to function without a phone around and monitor many aspects of the exercise of a workout.

Defined as being part of earbuds smart devices as these headphones are primarily intended for those who want to run or make an effort in a sustained manner.

Each headset has 6.4 grams and with Swiss precision can measure heart rate. A virtual trainer is also included to motivate you to take another little effort.

If you want to use with a smartphone, 4GB internal memory should be enough for about 1,000 songs. They will use to interact with a few simple gestures performed on the touch-sensitive surface of the headset.

That means via a double tap you can change the track by a triple tap will restart the same song from the beginning and sites swipe up and down to adjust the volume will work.

As do a very good job in Chapter native ambient isolation, if you want to be more entrenched in everyday life, hold on one of the headphones and turn on ambient – sound mode.

Gear IconX new autonomy is a sensitive issue and varies enormously depending on how you use them. It gives you 3.6 hours of listening to music on the internal memory.

The same music combined with monitoring effort decreases the amount of 3.4 hours, and if you want to listen to music on your phone while you run and Gear IconX records your heart rate, the value drops to 1.5 hours.

The good part is that you have two full load displacement housing in attractive visible in the image.

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