Fitbit Alta: Top 5 tips and tricks

You adore your Fitbit Alta in light of the fact that it not just looks sharp on your wrist, it additionally helps you get more beneficial. It tallies your strides, lets you know to what extent you dozed and how regularly you were fretful amid the night — and lets you know what number of calories you smoldered amid your morning run.

We’ve been utilizing our Fitbit Alta for a couple of months and we need to share our tips for getting the most out of your wellness tracker.

1. Set up Reminders to Move

Suggestions to Move is a perfect element of the Fitbit Alta that helps you stay dynamic for the duration of the day. When it’s set up, your Alta will delicately vibrate each hour where your action level falls beneath 250 stages — the likeness strolling around for a couple of minutes.

While you can’t alter the edge, you would you be able to can tweak the times and days when you need your Reminders to Move to be dynamic. You’ll discover these settings under Alta’s area of the Fitbit application.

Tap Reminders to Move.

Flip the Move Reminders switch to kill this element On or.

Tap Start and End Time to choose the time allotment.

This will open a little window where you’ll be provoked to sort in the time range amid which Reminders to Move will be dynamic.

Sort the beginning hour and closure hour you need Reminders to Move to be dynamic in the fitting fields.

Tap OK.

Tap the Days you need this component to be dynamic.

2. Turn off Quick View before bed

Snappy View consequently actuates your Alta’s screen when you turn your wrist toward you. This is incredible amid the day when you need to rapidly check the time, however, the brilliant screen flaring to life while you or your accomplice are attempting to rest can get a touch of irritating — and it abbreviates the battery’s life. Discover point by point ventures on the most proficient method to do this in our Fitbit customization guide.

3. Keep your Fitbit Alta exact

Trust it or not, your Fitbit Alta’s exactness relies on upon the Fitbit application knowing which wrist you wear it on and your handedness. The Fitbit application defaults to wearing it on the left wrist and right handedness, yet you can without much of a stretch change this in case you’re a lefty or you need to wear it on your other wrist. For subtle elements on the most proficient method to do this, look at How to modify your Fitbit

4. Tweak the clock face

Your Fitbit Alta has various clock countenances to look over, in both vertical and flat introductions. To discover how to do this, read our orderly guide on tweaking your Fitbit.

Vertical works best in the event that you wear your Alta confronting up and levelly is better in the event that you wear it confronting out. The Fitbit application should synchronize with your Alta for your progressions to produce results.

5. Change up the wristband

It’s anything but difficult to change the wristband on the Alta, and that is something to be thankful for on the grounds that there are various diverse wristbands accessible that that will change its look totally. You can get extra shades of the consistent elastomer wristband, wristbands in supple cowhide, and even a sparkling stainless steel arm jewelry.

To expel your present wristband, do the accompanying:

Push on the hooks on every side of the tracker where the wristband connects to the body of the tracker.

Tenderly draw up. The two wristband finishes will lift off effectively.

To append another wristband, do the accompanying:

Adjust every end to the two sides of the Alta.

Adjust the two finishes properly.

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