Developers do not care about Apple Watch anymore

If you were tempted to buy an Apple Watch for apps worth to note that developers have kinda lost interest in the platform.

A recent study confirms a worrying trend when it comes to intelligent clock to Apple. Apparently, too few companies are struggling to develop applications for Apple Watch.

On the one hand, in terms of sales, the company’s SmartWatch was a significant source of profit for the Cupertino giant, even though at this time we do not have a very accurate figure on the number of units sold.

On the other hand, any form that does not mean that users download apps for Apple Watch at a level so high as to justify their development.

This trend might be related and that the applications must still be tied to the iPhone, and some think that will be really profitable only when the operating system clock lets you run them independently.

A report from the BusinessInsider started from an analysis of a company that provides database 100,000 application developers confirmed that the number creators of software for Apple Watch is significantly lower than that of developers working on iOS.

By pairing this trend some precise values for each 1,000 applications developed and submitted to the publication for iPhone and iPad, only one is developed for Apple Watch.

Moreover, long-term forecasts are equally pessimistic. Until intelligent clock will not be able to be more independent as a development platform, application developers prefer to avoid platform.

In principle, there were some rumors about this new direction for Apple Watch, but the only official information we learn next month at the conference World Wide Developers Conference.

There is also the possibility that Apple radical changes defer platform to launch Apple Watch 2 this fall.