Track your life with these powerful apps

If you take a quick look at your immediate surroundings, it’s likely a smartphone is within arm’s reach. They’ve become essential to our everyday lives. For most of us, we regularly check our phones throughout the day.

Long gone are the days when phones were just used for making and receiving calls. The smartphones of today are insanely powerful – they can analyze and optimize.

They’re by our sides every day and the opportunities to track our lives is seemingly endless. For instance, where we spend our time and who with. This analytical approach can be taken with even the smallest daily habits.

Of course, app developers have known about this potential for years. There are thousands of apps ready and waiting for use. Luckily, this great infographic from voucher cloud has gathered the best of them together in one place – some track the mundane, a few you might never have thought would be a reality – whilst the ability of others is somewhat scary.

Take a look and see if any persuade you to track your everyday life.

You can start by tackling your addiction to technology – tracking your use of mobile data with My Data Manager or your call habits with Call Meter 3G. Armed with the knowledge of what you’re using, you might save some money or battery life.

Your phone can also help you adopt a healthier lifestyle, by keeping on top of the amount of exercise you’re doing, as well as your eating habits. You can also track your sleeping patterns with apps like Sleep cycle for an all-round view of your health.

Make improvements and see if your mood changes too with Expereal, an app which gives a visual representation of how your attitude changes over time. What’s more, a lot of these apps are free – so you can take full advantage of your smartphone with no additional cost.

Other people in your life can benefit as well. For instance, you can track your pet’s health needs and vet appointments in one place with Pet Phone. Using the GPS on your phone, Life360 can also help you track your family’s whereabouts. There’s also an inbuilt messenger to tell them to get a move on before dinner is gone.

Mind you, there are plenty of apps to make sure you’re never late to events again. With Waze, you can track the traffic in real-time and Hopstop will track public transport in over 300 cities worldwide. You had better come up with an alternative excuse then.

Even when you’re on holiday, the tracking possibilities don’t end. Flighttrack does what it says on the tin and will make sure you know whether your flight is on time. Once you’re there, Sunscreen will tell you when you need to reapply sun cream and Trip Journal will help you document your holiday by mapping your journey with photos, videos, and your favorite places.

You can also ensure you don’t overspend by setting a budget on Travel Pocket. In fact, apps that help you manage money are among the most popular. Whether that’s reminding you what bills are due, organizing your work expenses or generally tracking your expenses, there’s an app to help.

Check them out today and start tracking your daily life. The technology could easily help you save money, time and effort – all by using a device that goes everywhere with you.

Track your life with these powerful apps


In collaboration with Voucher Cloud

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