Several users are reporting problems with the wireless fast charging of their Galaxy S8

A few weeks ago the Galaxy S8, the flagship of Samsung for the first half of this year, was finally introduced.

Galaxy S8 wireless charger

Being one of the most anticipated phones, the Korean manufacturer is not only required to offer a powerful and attractive product but must have features as useful as wireless charging.

Of course, on many occasions, this feature can be very comfortable, especially if it supports, as in the case of Galaxy S8, fast charging without having to plug it into the power.

But not everything seems to be perfect, as some users of this terminal are reporting problems with certain models of wireless chargers.

As reported by some Galaxy S8 and S8 plus owners, when trying to use wireless chargers they already had, not only does the fast charge not work, but also the process stops when trying to use it.

Fortunately, beyond that the device stops doing its function, nothing serious happens, which the user should not fear for the integrity of the smartphone or his own.

So far, the reports were only about wireless chargers that were not the Galaxy S8’s own, regardless of whether it was made by Samsung or another company, it was liable to fail. Those who have the wireless charger made for the terminal have not reported the slightest failure so far.

Can the Galaxy S8 detect its own wireless charger?

According to the thread author of the XDA-Developers forum, where some of the reports are collected, it is possible that the Galaxy S8 will know when it tries to charge fast with a wireless charger itself or third.

Galaxy S8

To make this clear, the user explained his experience and could be close to the truth.

As the author says in the forum, the problem might not be in the charger or adapter, but in that Samsung would have placed a “lock” on the Galaxy S8 for, when you try to use the wireless fast charge, either with Third or proper.

In a case of the third party or previous generation, the attempt to charge quickly would cause the process to be completely paused.

The Galaxy S8 would be able to detect when using a fast wireless charger itself or third party to decide whether to pause the charging process or continue with it normally.

That is to say, according to its own conclusions, and considering that the Galaxy S8 uses a technology of wireless charging compatible with the standard Qi, but proprietary, is able to detect if you use an own charger to decide if to pause or not the charge to the Try to use the fast method.

In conclusion, if you try to use the fast wireless charge with a base other than your own, the process will stop, although the normal charge will work correctly in any way. So, intentionally or not, if you want to take advantage of this feature, you’ll have to think about getting the latest wireless charger.

Have you had any problems of this type with your Galaxy S8?

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