A security breach in Microsoft Word allows your computer to become infected with malware without you noticing

When we talk about security in the network we always think about the configuration of our equipment, our Wi-Fi network and, of course, the operating system we use.

Microsoft word

There are many aspects to take into account that make us divert our attention from others not less important as are the programs we use daily.

And is that through a breach of security in a particular program can enter a surprise not at all pleasant for our team. And that is what seems to be suffering Microsoft Word, as it has discovered a weakness that puts at risk users who make use of the text editor of the Microsoft office suite.

Specifically, the bug is related to HTML files. It is Word documents that using rich text have inserted a link to access the web in question.

A problem that is unleashed when the trusted user clicks on that link leading to the web that surely has nothing to do with what was expected.

So by clicking on the HTML link, this sends us to a remote server that inserts malware into the computer without us knowing and therefore leaves us defenseless until it is too late.

For now, you only have to be careful

Almost all versions of Office are affected, even in Office 2016 for Windows 10 and the catch of the case is that in the face of the warnings that usually give Office against links of this type, in this case, does nothing remaining unchanged.

The failure was discovered by the McAfee team a week ago, being communicated to Microsoft in a way that has not been made public until from Redmond have not notified that they have a solution to curb the incidence.

It will be tomorrow April 11 with the arrival of Creators Update when Microsoft will release the corresponding patch that will put a stop to this security bug and in the meantime, we only have to be careful with the Word documents that we will use and that contain an HTML link.