If you use OneDrive on Android now you can access full folders even if you do not have connectivity

OneDrive is Microsoft’s alternative to such contrasting applications and options as Dropbox or Google Drive, just to name three storage options in the cloud.

And of these three it is only with Google Drive with which it concurs in options by allowing its users to have all the documents synchronized in all the devices.

This is why it is important to provide the platform with constant updates so as not to lose ground with the competition, especially when your application competes in an ecosystem such as Android (also in iOS) and where Google Drive comes pre-installed by default on all terminals.

And in order to improve an already notable application, OneDrive is updated so that users of an Android device can now access even if they are offline to a greater amount of content. And is that if before were only limited to specific files this possibility now comes to folders.

So now, if we are not going to be able to count on connectivity, we can establish a complete folder and the content that hosts as available offline.

This option, however, has a limitation and is that it will not be available to all users but will only be enabled for those who make use of Office 365 Personal or Home, while later it could reach the subscribers of Office 365 Work and Office 365 Education.

This is the main innovation that makes mobility work much easier, especially if we are in an area with data connections not very promising.

An improvement that nevertheless does not arrive alone and comes accompanied by improvements in the option called “Discover” as well as with corrections of errors and improvements in the stability.

If you are looking for the version may not be distributed at this time, since the version 4.11 of Microsoft OneDrive is still in the Google Play Store, while the new version is 4.12. Just wait a little bit since the launch is being gradual