Nest Adds Android TV Support

Nest announced support for Android TV today, allowing anyone with a Nest Cam to stream their live feeds directly to the living room’s centerpiece. 

With the latest update to the Nest application, users can also scrub through their video history and switch between feeds (if you have multiple cameras), with Nest joking that it’s, “reality TV you actually care about.”

Starting today, your camera feeds are also available on your Android TV, with Apple TV coming soon.

So next time you’re deep in a Netflix marathon, you can see who’s at the door without having to get off the couch.

Toggle between your live feeds and even scrub back through your video history.

It’s reality TV you actually care about.

We hope these new features will help you share your holidays with your loved ones.

And we hope you share those moments with us, too.

If you do, you may win a free year of Nest Aware for 2017.*