iPhone 7 can not be connected to the new Macbook Pro without a new cable

Apple boasts its ecosystem of devices that work with each other without trouble, but the decision to go exclusively to Type-C USB ports on the new MacBook Pro models will surely annoy mobile users.

Since iPhones were always delivered with cable USB Type-A connector at one end and the other owner, it is impossible to connect such a device to the new Macbook Pro without calling a new adapter or cable.

iPhones devices have become increasingly more independent over time, can now be started, configured and activated without being connected to the PC.

Of course, a large number of users still wants to connect your phone to PC or to load or transfer of data or multimedia content.

This will not be possible but the new MacBook Pro ‘s using the cables included in the package, requiring the purchase of new accessories.

Apple already sells cables Lightning-to-USB Type-C for connecting an iPhone 7 or iPad to a computer equipped with this jack but is offering other adapters to use conventional cables.

They are available in the offer since the launch of the display Macbook 12 “, which is equipped with one USB Type-C.

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