Uber Introducing the new rider app

Uber dropped a new redesign on us this morning, one that flips the experience a bit by starting you off with a question, “Where to?” That’s in a way Uber realizing that when someone requests a ride, the whole point is that they have a destination in mind and would rather tell Uber where to take them upfront instead of telling it where to pick them up. That make sense? 

Within the new Uber app, the “turbo, smarter” expertise for riders not most effective asks you “where to?” on the prime, however, it’ll even advocate on the whole traveled to areas as shortcuts.


In the close future, Uber may also allow you to attach the app to your calendar to make these predictions and shortcuts even timelier.

To make the app a better character-to-character experience, Uber is going to introduce a function that lets you set an individual as your destination.

Through giving Uber the vigor to sync your contacts with the app, as soon as they share their area with you, Uber will pull that as you finish point. Once more, that’s a “coming soon” function.

As for fares, the new Uber app shows upfront expenses for each sort of provider (uberX, UberBLACK, uberPOOL, and so on.), letting you comfortably examine.


Not handiest that, but better estimates for when Uber expects you to reach are also incorporated.

Starting today, the new rider app is rolling out globally on iOS and Android over the next several weeks. We hope you enjoy the ride. To learn more, please visit uber.com/whereto.


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