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Google Rebranded Chromecast App to Google Home

We are hoping you didn’t develop too attached to the Google solid rebranding for the Chromecast app, as it is now going via but some other branding exchange.

In a new replace as a way to soon hit all users, the app’s call has been changed to Google home, cementing its reason as the go-to application for customers of Google solid and the quickly-to-be-to be had Google home tool.

Upon beginning, the app has long gone through a few beauty changes, complete with FAB and properly embellished navigation drawer.

From the drawer, users can get right to entry to their devices, account alternatives offer constrained to pick out tool owners and discover commands on the way to forget things.

You will additionally discover endless pointers on consumable content material from resources like YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play movies.

As soon as the update is available for all, you’ll see it pop up in Google Play.

In case you used the Google Cast app or have a Google home device pre-ordered, make sure to be searching for it.

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