Apple has a thought to stop your autocorrect shames

Autocorrect can prompt some humiliating changes to your messages, and Apple has a thought of how it can keep you from future slip-ups.

Another patent demonstrates a thought to underline all autocorrected words on iPhone or iPad with a blue line. It ought to make it simple to spot what has been changed before you send your message.

Dissimilar to spelling batches, which are highlighted with a red line, blue will be particularly for autocorrected words.

Redress paradise

The patent was recorded in the US Patent and Trademark Office in July 2015, yet until Apple formally declares anything there’s no soreness we’ll see the component take off. In the same way as other organizations, Apple licenses numerous thoughts it doesn’t wind up utilizing.

The greater inquiry is whether clients would really make utilization of the element.

One of the principle reasons auto correct comes up short happen is down to individuals not perusing through their messages before squeezing send, so would a blue line truly make you stop and consider it?

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