6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Torrenting

The greatest benefit of living in the modern world is the unparalleled availability of multimedia content. From movies to music, to video games, pop culture features have never been as accessible as they are today.

However, due to numerous online hazards, your computer can easily come down with a serious software infection if you expose it to the risk of downloading content from torrents.

What’s more, it’s almost unnecessary nowadays, when you have dozens of alternatives. So, here’s why you should abandon torrenting for good.

Questionable privacy

First and foremost, you can never tell if a third party is following what you’re doing on torrents. There are so many smart hackers out there and ordinary torrent users can’t compete with them.

Apart from unauthorized hackers that might get into your system, you should also beware of the legal authorities. As you may know, downloading content from torrents is illegal in almost every country in the world.

Therefore, such actions could invite the local anti-torrent squad to knock on your door. The penalties for such breaches are pretty high and you might even end up in jail.

Lack of seeders

When you’re downloading content from torrents, say movies or video games, there has to be a certain number of peers that share, i.e. upload the bits of the content item you’re downloading.

What often happens, especially with some alternative music or cult movies, is that no one is seeding. Consequently, no matter how fast Internet connection you might have, the download process can last for days, even weeks.

So, not only that you’re doing something illegal, but it’s also done in a slow and inconvenient way.

Exposure to hazards


While the previous reason for staying away from torrents is related only to the user-unfriendly nature of such websites, there are much more dangerous risks on torrents.

For example, your PC can easily get infected by harmful malware and viruses. Of course, you can use an antivirus program, but those solutions don’t guarantee you’ll remain safe from torrent-induced intrusion.

Nevertheless, if you’re still determined to keep downloading from torrents, then do your best to protect your computer from various hazards. Y

ou can achieve a fair level of protection by using a dedicated computer, which you can control through remote access software. That way you’ll conceal your machine in the torrent environment and reduce the risk of contagious data.

Abundance of streaming services

The inability to find, download and watch less known movies or music on torrents might nudge you towards trying some super-fast streaming services. From Amazon, Netflix and Hulu for movies, series and documentaries to iTunes, Deezer and Google Play for music, you have a huge variety of inexpensive options for legal access to various features.

For instance, for $9.99 per month, you can watch HD-movies and series via Netflix. Moreover, for only $11.99, Netflix gives you access to their Ultra HD library.

Apart from those mainstream ones, you can also turn to other streaming services that have some affordable packages and farewell torrents forever.

Gaming hubs

Similarly to the aforementioned streaming services, it’s never been easier to buy, store and play a video game online. The benefit of such a gaming culture is multi-fold.

Firstly, the price of the latest games drop soon after their release on platforms such as Orign, Steam or Gog, to name just a few. Secondly, you don’t have to deal with physical discs, but simply keep your game on the cloud.

Thirdly, when you play an original game, there are no bugs that often ruin the gaming pleasure.

Finally, you can keep the purchased games in your library on your own account, so as to access them whenever you feel like playing them.


Stealing from artists

Every bit of a song, movie or video game you download from the Web without paying for it raises the question of your personal ethics. By obtaining entertaining content illegally, you undermine the efforts of the artists and performers you actually like.

And if you reach out for that ultimate argument that people from show business still make a fortune, in spite of piracy, you should know that the most endangered species among the artists affected by illegal downloads are independent creators.

Read more about it in a piece published by Forbes and raise awareness of intellectual property.

Downloading and using torrent data isn’t only illegal, but it’s also becoming inconvenient.

Instead of wasting your time on torrent searches and recurring clicking fights with ads, use that time to educate yourself on online gaming services and streaming providers to truly enjoy the modern-day benefits of the Internet.