5 Most used Java development libraries

If you are new to Java development, you need to get up to speed with the most popular Java libraries before you write you first piece of code.

There are hundreds of Java libraries available today that cover every type of programming problem a Java developer is likely to come across. Most of the developers only relay on tried and tested libraries but in today’s market third party Java libraries are becoming more significant in the eyes of developers.

Let’s go through a few of these most popular Java development libraries to look at why they’re so significant.

  1. Apache Log4j

Apache Log4j is a logging library for Java which enables logging at runtime and control logging behavior without changing or modifying the application binary. This library package is designed so that log statements can remain in shipping code without heavy performance costs. With the help of Log4J inheritance features in loggers, you can reduce the volume of logged output and the cost of logging.

  1. Commons Math

A free mathematics library hat features packages for numerical analysis, complex numbers, geometry, fractions, statistics, linear algebra and more. Commons Math has also mathematic and statistic components that are lightweight and self-contained for addressing programming problems such as, curve fitting, machine learning and solving systems of linear equations.

  1. Google Guava

This set of open-source Java development libraries has been widely used in a variety of Java-based projects. From functional programming and common annotation to primitives support and string processing, Google Guava aims to make Java a more pleasant language. By testing preconditions easily, simplifying the implementation of Object methods and simplifying the error and exception propagation and examination, Google Guava is the perfect library for Java development.

  1. Hibernate ORM

It’s an object/relational mapping library for mapping Java classes to database tables. By developing persistent classes using natural object-oriented idioms, Hibernate ORM enables developers to create applications where the data outlives the app.

  1. Apache Pivot

This open-source platform allows developers to build cross-platform applications in Java, JavaScript, Scala and other JVM languages. Apache Pivot™ helps the developers to easy create visually stunning applications while decreasing delivery time and reducing technology sprawl.

There are thousands of Java development libraries available today and many of them can be quite useful, but these 5 are among the standouts.

Depending upon their project requirements, Java developers can use these third-party Java libraries to address the various programming-related issues, which they encounter frequently.

What type of Java libraries are you using in your Java development process?

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