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Much more than a smartwatch: the Apple Watch is already your private cardiologist

Much more than a smartwatch: the Apple Watch is already your private cardiologistThe Apple Watch has evolved in concept and objectives since its launch. What initially sought to be a fashion accessory, a technological accessory and a health/fitness accessory now focuses mostly on the latter.

You only have to look at the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2, everything revolved around the activity you can do with it. And now, with Apple Heart Study … the Apple Watch is on track to become our new doctor (more or less).

Accessories certified by health organizations, accessories for the Apple Watch

Just last week came KardiaBand, the first electrocardiogram reader approved by the FDA that is an accessory for the Apple Watch. In Christian, the first real and reliable medical accessory used with the Apple Watch. AliveCor, the company behind this accessory has gotten it approved by the American medical association.

This means that the data it offers is 100% reliable and useful for a doctor to diagnose.

The KardiaBand is just a strap for the Apple Watch with different readers that allow you to take our electrocardiogram and show us the data in the Apple Watch or on the iPhone. The idea is to prevent diseases and have a correct reading of the cardiovascular rhythm.

In addition to this, it has an internal program controlled by the artificial intelligence capable of analyzing the heart rate in different situations and moments to determine if there is a problem or not.

Data from thousands of people who help prevent diseases

Little by little, the Apple Watch is becoming the indispensable device if we worry about our health. And Apple is achieving this not only thanks to the multiple sensors it has, but also thanks to its health department.

The latest has been Heart Study, a project with which they seek to help in the investigation of heart problems through the data collected from millions of Apple Watch. But it is that all this began with HealthKit in iOS 8 and after that came CareKit and ResearchKit.

What does Apple intend with all this? Let your devices serve us in the most important part of our life: health. With research, it opens the doors to new studies on autism, epilepsy, and melanoma, CareKit seeks to take care of the iPhone.

The field of health is fundamental for Apple in the coming years, and the Apple Watch is a key device in all this.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

It is not new news that the Apple Watch is being used for medical research, HealthKit and ResearchKit are precisely there for that.

But it is always surprising to see all the advances that are obtained with the clock. A new study resulting from the efforts of Cardiogram has shown that the Apple Watch can be useful to diagnose sleep apnea and hypertension in patients.

The study has been done with 6,115 participants in California, all of them with an Apple Watch on their wrist. Broadly speaking, the study has benefited from an automatic learning algorithm called DeepHeart to diagnose those ailments in patients who did not even know they had them.

Learning to diagnose based on data

The idea was to collect the data of 70% of the participants using their Apple Watch, to then pass them through that algorithm. The result has allowed diagnosing sleep apnea and hypertension with effectiveness to the remaining 30% of participants, only looking at their data and without passing them through an algorithm.

Sleep apnea has been diagnosed with 90% effectiveness and hypertension, which affects hundreds of millions of people around the world, with 82% effectiveness. They are ailments that, if not treated well, can lead to heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

The traditional method to diagnose a sleep apnea involves sleeping in a hospital attached to machines that do not make the experience something exactly comfortable, so the advantage of doing it with an Apple Watch is more than obvious.

iMobie has just introduced a new technology in their iOS file manager AnyTrans called the Air Backup. With the new feature, an iPhone backup via Wi-Fi network is created more easily and securely on the computer automatically.

The loss of important data is not only annoying but also often brings negative impact on everyday life and work. That’s why a backup is extremely important for iOS users, so you can backup and restore all iPhone content.

But normally, the backup process of iTunes is very time consuming and most users have no patience to back up the file themselves on a regular basis. The automatic iCloud backup is wonderful, but its free storage is still not enough and its security is finally in doubt. For iOS users, it’s urgent to find a cheaper and safer alternative to iCloud.

Air Backup – The comparison of iCloud

“Air Backup is a whole new way to automatically secure iOS devices over a Wi-Fi network,”

says Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie Inc.

“As long as users connect their iPhone to Wi-Fi, AnyTrans will be a local backup make fast on the computer. Not only media files such as photos, videos but also personal data such as contacts, messages, notes and even system settings are stored in the designated locations. The content in it is only available to the users, which guarantees the security of their privacy. “

The backup files backed up by Air Backup can be selectively exported to a computer via AnyTrans. That’s why Air Backup function is, so to speak, the comparison of iCloud.

Also ReadHow to Backup iPhone X/8/7/6s Over WiFi Regularly and Automatically

More flexible and secure backup solution than iTunes

iTunes is a recognized iOS device backup tool that can back up the entire device. But because of time constraints and different preferences, users want more backup options, AnyTrans seems to be an ideal alternative.

With AnyTrans “Device Manager” you can save iOS data via USB cable to the PC, Mac, iCloud or iTunes for backup. In addition, AnyTrans allows the user to extract data from the iPhone backup and even access the specific data. That’s the big advantage over backing up with iTunes because normally you can not preview the messages or other personal information in the iTunes backup.

  • All-in-One iOS File Manager makes data management easier
  • AnyTrans is a comprehensive iOS file manager that makes managing iPhone & iPad data easier.

Price and availability

AnyTrans is available for Mac and Windows and costs from 39,99EUR for a single license with a free lifetime upgrade and 1 & 1 top-level tech support. In addition, there are various licensing options with great savings and generous gifts.

For almost two years, the apple company has been working hand in hand with the French fashion brand Hermès, gradually expanding its belt catalog for the Apple Watch.

Therefore, in recent days the two brands announced the launch of a new strap for Apple Watch Series 3, whose design is highlighted by the presence of two tacks in the style of the 80s.

The strap is available in 38mm and 42mm options, and according to MacRumors, they were made by French craftsmen in Swift leather, and the tacks are pyramid shaped and protrude at the opposite ends of the bands.

Although seeing it we cannot avoid remembering the fashion of a few decades ago, according to Apple, the design of the strap is based on dog collars, one of the first objects produced by Hermès and dating back to the 1930s when it was adapted to a belt.

Users who purchase this strap will also be able to download an exclusive Hermès watch face inspired by the classic Carrick font.

The new Hermès belt for Apple Watch Series 3 will be available from November 14 at Apple stores,, Hermès Boutiques and

In the world today, there is a huge crisis – organ donor shortage. There are just not enough organs going around which can be used to save people’s lives. In the U.S. alone, an average of 18 people dies every single day waiting for organ transplants that just don’t arrive. What has been happening in the past and still occurs today is that when organs become available, they have to be harvested and transported. A big reason people are in dire need of organ transplants is that they don’t take very good care of their bodies or health. Authority Reports is there for you every step of the way for guided health assistance. What scientists have quietly been working on is a way to merge science and tissue engineering to make personalized organs any time the patient needs it and the fantastic thing is, it’s based on their own body.

It’s all very science-fictiony with an air of an Isaac Asimov feel to it. It’s a far cry from the 2005 science-fiction-thriller film ‘The Island’ starring Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor. In this movie, clones are made without self-realization that they actually are clones. ‘The Island’ is a heavenly place where these clones have the chance to go to if they win the ‘lottery’. Unfortunately, impending doom awaits as they reach ‘The Island’ they are strapped down only to meet their deadly fate as their organs are harvested for use for their real human counterparts living normal lives.

Organovo is pioneering a way to build human tissue by printing it cell by cell. Before stepping down as CEO, Keith Murphy, who was the co-founder, explained that they are currently making tissues such as blood vessels. The process involves taking stem cells, for example, from an individual’s fat tissue and then a blood vessel is built from that one source of cells. Very futuristic indeed!

What Are The Actual Steps Involved?

  1. The scientist involved, first designs a virtual shape of the tissue they want to print. The interface on the computer is very easy to use. Patterns of building blocks are formed on a screen using the specific computer programme. When designing these building blocks of the virtual shape, the computer defines whether or not the material of that particular cell or structure is a material or a gel. This then leads to the printer automatically knowing which one to print.
  1. The next step is to make bio-ink from living human cells. First, you need the raw materials – the bio-ink for the printer. For example, you may extract human liver cells. Within the two different cartridges of the bioprinter, one will contain liver source cells and another will have cells that make up a lot of the supporting material.

How Does The Printer Work?

The principle of the bioprinter is similar to the way that an inkjet printer produces words. Following the design on the computer, the 3D printer creates sheets of cell friendly bio paper made from collagen or gelatin to temporarily hold the cells in place. It will then go ahead to print the living cell clusters onto the bio paper drop by drop. Each drop of this bio-ink is approximately 250 micrometers wide. This is fractionally bigger than a strand of human hair. Pinpoint accuracy, of course, is essential.

The phenomenal thing about 3D printing is that scientists have the ability to control exactly where the cells go. They can put them where they want them to go and then they rely on them to do what they naturally know.

Once the cells are in place, nature takes over. The cell clusters, which are kept alive in incubators, begin to fuse to each other thus creating more complex tissue structures. So it goes from print to incubation, to culture in 24 hrs and then they are ready to go for toxicology studies and more.

The Big Question Everyone Wants to be Answered

The really big question is – how close a match is the printed tissue? The success of 3D bioprinting means cells, for instance – liver cells can already be used in scientific research to test drugs and study diseases and because the tissue has the same DNA, these tests can be tailored to individual patients – simply amazing. This is a major breakthrough in medicine!!

What Lies Ahead

Keith Murphy was asked what he sees in the future of 3D organ printing. He replied that in the far future, the hope for this technology is that a patient’s own cells can be taken to a central location where scientists can then build them an organ for eventual transplant.

All in all, this is a total convergence of 3D printing, tissue engineering, computer-aided design, and genomics all integrating and coming together to enable scientists to build new organs and new tissues in new, powerful and impactful ways.

And who knows, perhaps this sort of engineering may just lead to some very interesting Artificial Intelligence as well when integrated with technology and electronics. Let’s see what the future holds. It certainly looks like whatever lies down this road is paved in exciting and curious possibility!

wireless fast charger

wireless fast charger

Is fast charging the most important innovation of recent years? More than the performance of a smartphone, what better than to be able to refuel without spending hours?

The most significant evolution of our smartphones?

The technological evolutions observed on high-end smartphones in recent years are spectacular. Borders without edges (well almost), processors whose raw power does not have much to envy to those of the PCs, photo-optics producing results closer and closer to “real” devices.

But what is all this compared to true innovation that changes everything: the fast charge associated with SoC and screens less energy intensive!

This is something that has a real impact on how we use and enjoy our mobile devices. Because in fact, being quite honest with ourselves, what do we have to blame for our smartphones? Their performances? We can always do better for greedy uses such as 3D games, but frankly, in general use, I have the impression to see the same responsiveness to common tasks for 5 years.

The quality of their screen? Again, it’s a plus, but we’ve made a leap in readability for years. And we take more and more beautiful photos, and it’s great, but there is one thing that we always plague regularly: the battery level after a day of work.

It was a real problem just a few years ago. I do not count the number of times my smartphone was at a low battery while I did not have time to recharge more than 10%. So, of course, the ultimate solution would be to find smartphones with autonomy worthy of a Nokia 3310. It’s beautiful to dream, but it probably will not happen. There are of course terminals able to cash almost two days of use without recharging, but generally, it goes with their size.

Big battery or fast charge? Why not the two of them!

However, if the problem does not arise today, it will rise tomorrow if you skip a refill and you find yourself in the harbor before returning, or to leave far from a power outlet. And in these cases, we appreciate the fact of being able to find enough juice without too much delay or immobilize his phone too long, what Quick Charge technologies offer, recently in version 4+ or the standard USB Power Delivery.

And one does not prevent the other: the Huawei Mate 10 Pro put on both a big battery and a quick recharge via Quick Charge 4, and it was already the case of the Mate 9 (in Quick Charge 3 ). And it happened to me, with this last, to hold two and a half days like to find myself in a difficult situation at the beginning of the evening, for example during a day of tourism where I mobilize enormously the camera and the GPS.

And perhaps even more than the battery capacity, the speed of recharge can save your day. Because of most of the time, it’s not whether we’ll still have enough energy in two days that matters, but how long we’ll be able to hold for what we intend to do there, all of after.

The recharge time and the “15 minutes you can regain two hours of battery life” argument is often seen as a misery cache for a small battery. But depending on your usage, it may be primarily what you need.

A need for standardization

Still, in terms of fast charging, proprietary technologies are multiplying, with some confusion in the key. Google anticipated a firm response by demanding USB Power Delivery for Android Oreo, to the detriment of Quick Charge, Dash Charge, and other VOCs.

This requirement has turned into a recommendation, knowing that Quick Charge 4+, the latest version of Qualcomm’s technology, supports the Power Delivery standard. Eventually, and as long as the march to standards continues, the adoption of this feature should take even greater momentum, and we all have to win.

Android Wear 2.0 watches get updates and enhancements via Google Play

Android Wear 2.0 watches get updates and enhancements via Google Play

Android Wear 2.0 does not require Google to launch an OTA to add improvements and updates to its operating system, you can also add new features through a simple update of your Android Wear application through Google Play, which means that all Android watches will receive this news at a time.

And this is what happened with the Android Wear update that Google released through the Play Store last week, which have added the following new features and improvements:

  • Support for third-party chat applications in Contacts.
  • Reduce accidental entry in the clock display selector.
  • Improve the detection capacity of the Play Store for new users.
  • Other features and bug fixes.

Now when we access the Contacts application of our watch Android Wear 2.0 we will see how we can now send messages through WhatsApp and other messaging clients. The Contacts application now supports third-party messaging applications.

Improvements have also been added, such as increased visibility of the Play Store for when we first started the mobile phone and also reduces accidental entry to the clock display selector.

MGCOOL Explorer 3 action camera 4k 30fps

MGCOOL Explorer 3 action camera 4k 30fps

After the grand success of Explorer series action cameras, MGCOOL is gearing up to launch a new camera with trending features.

The upcoming camera will be powered by a powerful Sunplus V50 processor, which will help you to finish the tasks easily with low heat. The highlight of the camera will be the ability to capture 4K videos at 30fps.

Furthermore, Explorer 3 will adopt a new video coding standard and is able to offer its users with the better experience by reducing file size with original quality being remained.

The camera is said to ship with a 2-inch display coupled with Panasonic 34112 sensor. Powered on Sunplus V50, there is no doubt that Explorer 3 will be capable of recording smooth ultra HD videos and fine photos.

Unlike the previous Explorer series, the new camera will provide support for up to 128GB storage using microSD card.

We will continue to expose the new features of the forthcoming camera. In the meantime, share your feedback and keep track of our social media handles for updates and giveaways.

The big news is that MGCOOLis currently running a giveaway of MGCOOL Band 3. You will find more information on our Facebook and Twitter handles.

WatchOS 4.0.1 apple watch

Just when it comes half a month after the release of watchOS 4, Apple has released the software update WatchOS 4.0.1 to correct a bug suffered by some units of the new Apple Watch. Two journalists out of a total of 17 who had prior access to the new model suffered this problem that is solved with this update.

As we know since the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 3, the LTE version has no date of arrival in Europe. It looks like it will be necessary to wait until 2018 for the company to sign agreements with the operators of each country in order to begin its commercialization.

The version that we can buy is the regular Apple Watch Series 3, without cellular connectivity associated with our iPhone. This version is faster, with better wireless connections and GPS, in addition to resistance to 50 meters underwater.

It is a more polished Series 2 evolution, but that lacks the most important point of this generation.

The 4G or LTE connectivity is a very attractive point for this device, but as we said, we will have to wait a few months before enjoying it.

There are about 3.5 million professional truck drivers driving across the United States, and about one in every worker in the country is in the trucking business. It’s a popular job that makes America’s industries turn. However, it is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Many of these drivers work long hours and are constantly exhausted or sleep deprived.

They are conducting multiple tasks at once and with a lot of debris and carnage on the roads, there has been an increase of truck crash deaths in the past couple of years.

Organization and reducing multi-tasking is key for truckers to not only do their job but also to prevent fatal crashes. To help professional truck drivers, many people and organizations have developed trucker-specific apps for phones. Here are some of the apps that have helped revolutionize the world of trucking and prevent some of these deadly crashes.

HWY Pro: Bill Busbice developed an app built by truckers for truckers to help make their lives easier. The app has a trip planner that maps out the trucker’s entire trip before setting out on the road. This helps to organize the trucker’s routes as well as prevent them from using their phone unnecessarily on the road. There is also a feature that allows the trucker to see how many loads are near them and to negotiate with dispatchers without losing focus on driving.

AllStays: This app helps truckers find the nearest rest stop when they need it. If a trucker simply needs to stop and relax, it shows the best places to do so. It also shows stops that offer laundry, showers, and game rooms to help truckers on the go.

Co-Pilot Live Truck: When you don’t have a navigator in the passenger seat, the next best thing is a robot. The Co-Pilot Live Truck App uses voice-activated GPS-navigation to give truckers customized truck-legal routes based on vehicle size, weight, and load type. It allows truckers to avoid low-clearance routes and weight-restricted roads.

Waze: Although not designed for truckers, Waze is a great tool for any driver. People on the app can document roadblocks or debris on the road, which is then reported to any driver in the vicinity. This drastically reduces the number of accidents related to carnage on the roads and can help truckers drive to their destination safely.

White Noise: Sleep can be hard to come by when you’ve spent so many hours on the road. However, if you have to get back out on the road again in the morning, White Noise is a great app that overrides the natural urge to stay awake and get truckers the sleep they need to be alert the next morning.

These apps can be downloaded in minutes and will help truckers drive safely and more efficiently.

iphone x facial unlock

iphone x facial unlock

Apple has not been the first company to implement a facial recognition and unlock system on the iPhone X, but it has done so in its own way.

Apple has christened this system as Face ID on the iPhone X, which has a very sophisticated technology inside. Here we will tell you what it consists of in detail.

We started with the hardware: 8 front sensors

The screen of the iPhone X premieres new design without frames, with a small peninsula at its top. This area is not a fad but serves to house the 8 front sensors of the iPhone X:

  • FaceTime 7MP camera
  • Infrared camera
  • Spotlight
  • IR Illuminator
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Speaker
  • Microphone

Of all of them, only the first four are used with the Face ID facial recognition system. As a whole, Apple refers to the system as TrueDepth, able to measure and create a map of our face in three dimensions.

This model of your face is used to contrast the next time you try to unlock your iPhone X. The A11 Bionic chip (pretty name) uses its power to unlock instantaneously. With this, we are talking about a set of hardware and software (iOS 11) that work in unison to ensure the security of your device.

Is this scan safe? Where is that model of my face saved?

Apple said yesterday that Touch ID has a failure probability of 1 / 50,000. That is, there is a 50,000 chance that a random person will take your iPhone and unlock it with your fingerprint. In the case of Face ID, the probability that a person is so similar to you is 1 in 1,000,000.

The user’s face is stored on the phone itself and never goes to a cloud or server in a remote country
The iPhone X facial recognition system creates a mathematical model of your face and stores it on a specific chip called Secure Enclave. It is a site that the rest of the operating system does not have access to, so it can not be accessed except for Face ID.

In addition, being stored on your iPhone X, your face will never leave the device. It will not be on any fuzzy cloud or server in a remote country. There is no possibility that a hacker tomorrow will steal hundreds of millions of faces from iPhone users because they are on their devices.

Can someone with a photo of me use the recognition and unlock system of the iPhone X?

No. The iPhone uses a 3D model of your face, so it detects whether it’s a 2D photo or your real face. It also does not use an iris reader, so a high-resolution photo of your eyes can not fool you.

What happens if it is night?

Face ID has an infrared camera that detects your face when it is night, so you should not worry.

What if I wear glasses, a cap, or leave a beard?

Does not matter. The face recognition system of the iPhone X “invisibly” launches 30,000 different points to your face to measure and analyze it almost instantaneously. For this, no matter what changes happen in your face over time.

I have a twin brother, can you unlock my iPhone X with your face?

Unfortunately if. Identical twin or monozygotic twins have the same structure on the face, so it could unlock your iPhone X. It is the only case in which a fingerprint reader is superior to Face ID. Anyway, the iPhone X still has code unlocking.

Unfortunately, Face ID can be unlocked by an identical twin brother (not twin)
The question is the same as did Craig Federighi in the keynote: do you have an evil twin that you have to worry about?

What if someone takes my iPhone X and puts it in front of my face without me noticing?

It will not work until you look near the sensor area (you do not need to put your phone at the level of your eyes) and your eyes are open. That is, if you are sleeping, Face ID will not unlock your iPhone X. It will not work with the terminal on the other side of the room.

What other things can I do with Face ID?

Contrary to competition terminals, Face ID is so secure that it will serve to authorize purchases through Apple Pay. It will also work with third-party apps, as a password and as with Touch ID.

galaxy s3 frontier

galaxy s3 frontier

A few weeks after the latest update that solved some issues related to S Voice, Samsung launched a new update for its Gear S3 Frontier voice.

With the new update, released in the US but available from next weeks in other regions, the next generation watch goes to build R760XXU2BQH1 introducing vibration for third-party app notifications.

This will make it even easier to understand when, for example, we receive a new message on WhatsApp.

The update has a weight of the only 7.40MB and will be available for download directly from the Samsung Gear app.

galaxy s3 frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier features a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display with 360 x 360-pixel resolution (278PPI), 1GHz SoC Exynos dual core, 768MB of available RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

apple watch 3

apple watch 3

There are really few rumors emerging to date on the upcoming Apple Watch, all the attention seems to be focused on iPhone 8, which on the occasion of the den will eventually offer some more news than previous generations.

About Apple’s third-generation smartwatch, an unpublished Bloomberg report agrees again on the possible presence of an LTE chip in the cellular version of Apple Watch, one of the most recent rumors that have been voiced.

So this variant will be able to be stand-alone and completely stand-alone from the iPhone, Apple is already negotiating with major US vectors to offer support to the model with cellular connectivity. Bloomberg also claims that the LTE chip will be provided by Intel and that this model will probably come out late with respect to the standard one.

Commenting on Bloomberg’s report, John Gruber of Daring Fireball adds that Apple Watch 3 could radically change in form factor, differentiating from the first two models.

The author classifies them as simple “rumors” coming from people close to the developments, however, Gruber is quite famous for being close to the California company and pretty accurate in anticipation, so should we expect a completely renewed Apple Watch?

We will only discover it next fall, the period in which the new smartwatch could be unveiled to the public.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

For years the developers have managed to jailbreak virtually every iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

However, one that has resisted being hacked has been the Apple Watch, so far, because in the last Def Con we have seen a sample of the jailbreak for Apple Watch. Of course, there are no plans to make it public at the moment.

Apparently, this jailbreak works with watches 3 and for the moment is intended for developers more than for users.

It is difficult to raise the possibilities offered by this type of jailbreak, as there is still no public version of it. According to the creators, you have access to personal information of a device :

  • Access to health data
  • Access to calls
  • Access to Photos
  • Access to the cache
  • Calendar Access
  • Access to Contact
  • Access to messages and emails
  • GPS access
  • Microphone access

Keep in mind that this is a device with very limited hardware. This means that any changes made to the system or tweak for it should be as simple as possible as long as the performance is not affected.

So, forget about wallpapers and wacky effects on the Apple Watch as you can do on a jailbroken iPhone.

So, if a public version of the jailbreak is released for watches, it will be with slight modifications and options in the system. Everything possibly controlled from Cydia for iPhone, since doing a specific Cydia on the clock does not make sense, just as the App Store for watches we control it from the iPhone.

Looking at the current jailbreak situation for iOS, the jailbreak for Apple Watch is probably not going to go any further.


If you are looking for some best cheap tablets for gaming, you are at the right place. Our pick of the best economical tablets includes iOS, Windows, and Android models ranging between £70 and £200.

You might be wondering how would these tablets compete with the monster tablets like Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series that costs over £1000. However, the ones we have chosen are tested for performance and offer impressive results.

Here are our picks of 5 best cheap tablets that are ideal for gaming.

Asus ZenPad S 8.0

Asus ZenPad S 8.0 is a great value tablet with a sleek and attractive design. The tablet boasts an array of outstanding features and specifications. Weighing only 350 grams, the tablet has a resolution of 2048 x 1536. The Intel Atom Z3580 quad core CPU makes gameplay smoother. The 4 GB of RAM and 10-hour long battery life makes this Android Tablet a great choice for only £129.99.

Amazon Fire 7

Talking about cheap android tablet computer, Amazon Fire 7 is a latest powerful addition to the list. Having a large screen size of 7 inches, Amazon Fire 7 has a resolution of 1,024 x 600. The tablet offers a large storage of 8 GB for heavy games. The battery life is also quite impressive and you can play your favorite games for at most 8 hours. The stunning display will leave you in fits and your favorite games will keep you hooked on this tablet. Surprisingly, this tablet is only available for under £50.

Amazon Fire HD 8

The Amazon Fire HD 8 offers a high-definition display with great features. The battery life of this tablet makes it one of the best cheap tablets available in the market. The best thing about this tablet is that it is highly suitable for gaming. Besides all the amazing features, the camera of the tablet is not up to the mark. The rear camera is only 2MP while the front camera is VGA. Regardless of the camera, the quad core processor makes it an ideal choice for playing HD games with cool graphics. The Fire HD 8 gives you the core tablet experience for not very much outlay, making it a budget tablet worth buying.

iPad Mini 2

iPad Mini 2 is still on our list of best cheap tablets. Having a screen size of almost 8 inches, iPad Mini 2 features some amazing specifications. The battery of the tablet is also very long lasting.

There are different storage options available ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB. The resolution size of 1536 x 2048 makes it ideal for gaming. You can kill several hours playing your favorite games without any lags and disruptions. Moreover, it only costs $202.49. Apple has officially discontinued manufacturing the iPad Mini 2 but some stores have them in their inventory. You will have to hurry before the stock ends.

These are 4 best cheap tablets that are ideal for gaming. These tablets will give you a fine gaming experience without making you realize that these tablets came at a cheap price. You may find other Android Tablets as well that claim to be best for gaming, but these 4 are tested for performance and the reviews make good on this claim.

Among these, iPad Mini 2 is the best because of several reasons – the top of them being its features and the company’s reputation. Get any of these and get ready for a unique gaming experience.

watchos 4

WatchOS 4 was introduced during the last WWDC, and like all other operating systems, it is currently in beta.

watchos 4

It does not, however, go hand in hand with the rest, because although everyone was updated to beta 3 a few days ago, watchOS 4 has done so only now.

The update is now available to developers at the Apple Developer Portal

The update will also appear as available in the Watch application of our iPhone, as long as we have the beta 3 of iOS 11 installed.

To proceed with the installation, we will have to have more than 50% of battery on the clock as well as have it connected to the charger.

Currently, Apple does not offer a public beta of watchOS 4 to those who are subscribed to the public beta program.

This is not a stable version as it can be iOS11, so surely that is why they have not yet released more people. Be that as it may, it looks like we will not see a public watchOS beta 4.

Remember that watchOS 4 brings a few interesting novelties on the Apple watch in addition to the spheres of Toy Story.

The applications have slightly changed its interface, we can navigate in list mode and above all the system focuses more on sport and activity than anything else. In autumn we will see the first official version for all users.

Note 8: Samsung must adopt the desired feature

After the last year’s disaster around the Galaxy Note 7, it is generally assumed that Samsung will have a very special feature for the upcoming Note 8 to compensate the fans of the product line a little.

Note 8: Samsung must adopt the desired feature

Now, however, it is clear with regard to a rumor that it is simply nonsense.

The speech is from a fingerprint sensor, which is integrated into the display itself. One such is always emerging in all sorts of rumors about upcoming high-end devices and was also on the upcoming iPhone generation theme.

However, at this point, it is easy to see that there are technical hurdles that have not yet been mastered.

Apple is largely clear that no technology is installed in the iPhones, which has not reached a certain level of reliability. And Samsung, too, will do anything but take a high risk in the next note model to make the device something special.

Too big is the fear to produce a bust, which then really leads to a financial catastrophe.

Shortest: All important to the Samsung Galaxy S8

Quality and safety do not match

According to a report by Korea Herald, which refers to a source in the industry, Samsung had worked very intensively on a corresponding sensor.

However, one did not manage to develop a fingerprint reader, which on the one hand works well enough, but on the other hand is also not to be seen, when one embeds it in the display.

While some progress has been made in the use of transparent materials, the quality of these materials has not been stable enough and the committee has not been able to handle larger production volumes.

In addition, the sensors, which were sufficiently suitable, would not have met the safety requirements in practice.

lg v30

The competition in the mobile sector is fierce, more and more. Device manufacturers are struggling to get a top-of-the-line position and use all the weapons at their fingertips, from offering the best hardware to a complete software.

lg v30

But there are more variables that affect in that competition and the moment of the launch is one of them.

Just a few days ago we were talking about the Galaxy Note 8 could arrive ahead of schedule to get ahead of the iPhone and now LG is the brand that starts a rumor in the same line. According to sources in South Korea, the firm could be planning to launch the LG V30 and LG G7 ahead of schedule to ahead of the competition.

LG V30 in August and LG G7 in January

If we had to highlight the more advanced terminals of LG, those would be without a doubt those belonging to the series G and V, which are precisely those that the firm would be proposing to advance.

Traditionally, the LG V have been announced at the end of summer, specifically, the LG V10 was released in October 2015, while the LG V20 arrived in September last year.

For its part, the LG G series has been progressing almost since the arrival of the first model, the LG G2, which was announced in September 2013, to the LG G6 this year that we could meet in February during the Mobile World Congress.

According to rumors, the company could announce the LG V30 next month of August, although we do not know the exact date.

If they choose the end of August we would already be at the IFA fair, which this year begins on September 1st, but if they announce it early it is possible that it will be in stores in time for the Berlin event where the competition is expected Announce more devices.

Here the Samsung calendar would be crucial, as it is still not entirely clear if the Galaxy Note 8 will arrive in early August or postpone until the IFA fair.

However, so far the LG V series has remained exclusively in the United States, so an announcement in Berlin seems unlikely.

The terminal that will arrive in all the world will be the LG G7, the next flagship of the brand. In this case, these first clues point to a launch in January, which could place it at the CES fair in Las Vegas, an event more focused on consumer electronics than on smartphones.

This year, LG already advanced the presentation of the G6 to take advantage of the delay of the Samsung Galaxy S8, although finally there was not so much difference between the launching of both models, reason why it would not be crazy that this year they wanted to extend even more the margin.

It is still too early to know details of the LG G7, but there are already some filtered schemes that point to a design with a screen even tighter to the edge. We will have to wait until 2018 to know more details.

Windows Maps

When we talk about mapping on the net, it’s a name that comes to mind. Google Maps are the great dominators in this regard.

Windows Maps
Google Maps is one of the applications, whether in the web version, as specific, most used. But it is not the only alternative and Apple Maps or Windows Maps have yet to say.

And with respect to the last one, which is the one that interests us here, news arrives, as the application of Maps for Windows 10 has received an update that tries to bring the functions offered to those found in the competition.

It is still far from achieving it, but the road that leads is the right one

And it is what they achieve with this improvement that makes the voice prompts to reach the application, an improvement that is more than well received by many users.

In this way, the system will give us by voice instructions the precise location and direction in which we have to go to our destination.

Also from Microsoft allow that by making use of the different settings is the user who can configure the application to offer the orders directly on the mobile or the Bluetooth device to which we are connected.

And to make it not annoying to hear the indications have been enabled three levels of sound regardless of what we are using on the mobile phone. Thus we can choose between “Softer”, “Normal” and “Higher”.

Of course, if you are looking for these improvements in the application of your mobile you should know that, for now, are only available to users who are within the fast ring in the Insider Program, so that the rest will still touch us waiting to be able to make use from the same.

Path Guide: the Microsoft application that helps you orient yourself indoors

Today in our smartphones we can find by default some map application, being in all (or almost all) cases Google Maps, although there may be some additional.

Path Guide: the Microsoft application that helps you orient yourself indoors

All of them help us reach our destination in the fastest way and guide us when we do not know exactly where we are.

Worse so far all these applications were dedicated to orienting us on the outside, to travel great distances. Microsoft, however, has decided to do something different, an app to orient yourself in interiors and also to make your own routes to share them.

Path Guide is the name that receives this curious application and allows you, to begin, to configure your own route for interiors. This can be especially useful on large surfaces (who has never been lost in one?) Or in buildings when plotting routes on several floors.

Path Guide is an indoor location application that allows you to set up a route and share it with an acquaintance or audience.

In order to do this, the application makes use of the sensors of your smartphone, and all you have to do is run the app, choose the mode of tracking that you prefer and start. It must be said that Path Guide does not use GPS and that its operation will be fuller with a smartphone that has a barometer to detect the height you are in.

Once you finish plotting the desired route, you can save it and share it with an acquaintance or with the public, so that other users can use it. There are still very few users of this app, but over time, if people welcome it, there could be routes from many sites, such as supermarkets, museums, and other large areas.

Apple Maps, Apple Park

A few months ago we saw how Apple included its new headquarters in its own maps.

Apple Maps, Apple Park
Today, Apple has updated Apple Maps to include detailed 3D renderings of headquarters buildings, as well as traffic information, pedestrian walkways, and more points of interest.

If we enter the Apple Maps and look for the Apple Park, we can see it in three dimensions. The views will show us all the buildings in detail from any point of view.

In addition, we will see the roads and streets that intersect with the corporate headquarters, directions of traffic to arrive and a number of cars that are in real time, points by where to pass walking … and even the pond that is in the center of the Apple Park.

The curiosity of all this is that only a building has its own name in the Apple Park, it is the amphitheater of Steve Jobs. The giant ring, the R & D buildings or the gym for example do not have a proper name on Apple Maps.

It remains to be seen if Apple updates the satellite data , because now if we look at the satellite view we will see how the building under construction is still visible. As we mentioned, in March of this year these images were added, but possibly updated as soon as the Apple Park is finished.

Currently the workers are already moving to the new facilities , although it is true that they lack furniture , small touches and finish the garden. As Apple commented, Apple Park will be fully finalized in late summer.

We will see if on that occasion Apple shows us in detail with a public visit to the press. Although for now we have had a visit in detail inside.

AirPods, like all other Apple devices, are updated periodically. Thanks to the W1 chip these headphones constantly improve their connection, their wireless functions and their autonomy with simple software updates.


As indicated by the German media Macerkop, Apple recently updated the AirPods to version 3.7.2

This update may arrive to solve some problems of connectivity of the headphones through Bluetooth. As has been indicated several times, the AirPods lose the connection with the iPhone during the phone calls.

Updating AirPods

To install the new firmware in the AirPods a few simple steps must be followed:

  • Place both earphones in the charging case.
  • Close the case and connect it to a charger or USB port.
  • Make sure the iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network so that the firmware is downloaded and installed.

The iPhone with which the AirPods are paired, obviously, should be close to the headphones. Note that upgrading your AirPods may take a few minutes to complete. On the other hand, during the upgrade process, you can not use the AirPods or remove them from the case.

If you want to find out the firmware version of your AirPod you should go to Settings > General > About > AirPods on the iPhone. In this section, you can check the latest version installed on the headset.

The current version is 3.7.2 as we discussed, and Apple originally launched the AirPods with version 3.3.1