The Moto Z doesn’t have a headphone jack

When you fabricate a telephone that is a hair more than 5mm thick, it’s elusive a spot for everything.

One of the disadvantages, when you make a telephone that is razor thin (the Moto Z is just 5.19 mm thick), is that you have a harder time discovering space for things like a major battery — or a 3.5mm earphone jack.

We’re at the table with the Moto Z in our grasp, and the discussion we’re all hearing on the web is genuine — the Moto Z has no 3.5mm earphone jack.

That doesn’t mean you can’t utilize earphones with it, just that you can’t connect to a couple the “general” way.

The Z has a USB Type-C port, which makes a superb showing with regards to of yielding advanced sound. Our own Michael Fisher has affirmed that the Moto Z accompanies a USB-C earphone connector, which ought to change the sound into simple so you can connect to the earphones you as of now need to listen to music or watch a motion picture or even chat on (or to) your telephone.

There is likewise the remote alternative, and Bluetooth headsets and stereo earphones ought to work fine and dandy. We’ll likewise be seeing increasingly USB-C earphones as the port turns out to be more prevalent, and we anticipate that the accessibility will go up while the estimating goes down on those.

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