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The Snapdragon 835 chip will be the protagonist of the three new Google Pixel for this year

This year it is expected that we can definitely have the possibility of buying a Google Pixel in all Europe, after two first terminals that have stayed rather across the pond.

Google Pixel
Today we know, thanks to the code introduced in the Android Open Source Project, that three new Pixel will arrive with the Snapdragon 835 chip from Qualcomm as one of the protagonists of these devices.

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC would be in charge of its manufacturing just as it has been for the first two Pixel.
Three Pixels instead of two

Regarding the use of the Snapdragon 835 chip, it is something that has its logic being the current range top of the US chip manufacturer.

Another thing would be that Qualcomm announced the arrival of another SoC in the style of Snapdragon 821, the continuation of 820 with an improved energy efficiency and some more power.

HTC will again have the responsibility of bringing three high-quality devices to follow the success achieved with the first two Pixel.

Google this year has prepared three Pixel devices instead of two.

We would have the so-called ‘Muskie’ as the one that replaces the standard Pixel, while the Pixel XL would have its successor with the ‘Walleye’.

The third in disagreement, named as ‘Taimen’, has been speculated that could be the successor to the Motorola Nexus 6 a few years ago to even have a screen larger than the Pixel XL.

It could even be a tablet

HTC would again be in charge of manufacturing these devices in which the Taiwanese manufacturer’s logo would not be seen anywhere, just as it happened with the first two Pixel.