Samsung skips Note 6: Note 7 will be released soon

Samsung is going to leapfrog the name Galaxy Note 6 and Note to jump to version 7.

One of the most anticipated phones of the year could be released under a different name from the one we all expected. As TechnoBuffalo writes, Samsung may abandon the name Galaxy Note 6 choosing instead name Galaxy Note 7. And the main reason why they do this is quite good at first glance.

Korean giant wants to bring the Galaxy Note series in line with the series Galaxy S. So, next year we will have a Galaxy S8 and a Galaxy Note 8. True, the end users can be easily deceived by a name and given that Samsung Galaxy S7 debuted this year, some might think that Note 6 is actually an old terminal. Koreans want to avoid this.

As for specifications, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could be an important premiere in the market, being the first to benefit from the new chip created by Samsung LPDDR4. The list of specifications might include a Snapdragon processor 823, which I said that could be encountered and future Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

In the past, Microsoft was forced to skip the name Windows 9 choosing Windows 10. Name the new operating system has not, however, about what’s right and what not, but with programs already developed for Windows and might not work well. Specifically, Windows 95 and Windows 98 have names beginning with “9”, and this led to Windows 10, according to PCWorld.

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, but has several versions in use and applications should run on almost all. In order not to spoil this compatibility, chose the name “Windows 10”. That’s because in your applications is passed compatibility tests a condition. Developers have not created to verify Windows PC is 95 or 98, but if you start with “Windows 9 …”. Windows 9 should therefore be incompatible with the start of such applications.