A redesigned Pixel Launcher appears by surprise on Google IO with a new search bar

The genius of Google in many facets, leads him to get 2 billion Android users worldwide, although sometimes gets that in others, can give the feeling of being a little chaotic, as with the leak of a new version Of the Pixel Launcher in the same Google IO.

Pixel Launcher

In one of the Google IO rooms, 9to5Google has found a phone that has a version of the Pixel Launcher that has not yet been published.

A new version that would be characterized by the search bar located at the bottom, just between the navigation keys and the app dock.

A new search bar located at the bottom

The design of the new Pixel Launcher search bar is different from what we have seen in the current versions of this application launcher, and it is quite striking the new place searched for its position.

Instead of being the ‘G’ pickup with the voice search icon, the design changes to a full bar like the Google widget itself that can be used on any phone.

The bar is distinguished by being semi-transparent and is located just below the dock of the icons.

Another new feature of the Pixel Launcher has improved search functionality for apps, which allows you to search for apps already installed on your phone, to go to the Play Store to find an app that we would like to have on your phone.

The phone with the new unpublished version of Pixel Launcher was in the area of Android Instant Apps, so it would support that special feature.

That version also includes some of the novelties known yesterday as the option to change the shape of the icons, to give the option to choose between four types of forms, or the selection of widgets when you press and hold an icon.